Literary Hook: Capturing early-morning thoughts in a Q & A poem

By Christine Swanberg
Author and Poet

Soon, the shortest day of the year will be upon us. If you wake early, it is dark for a long while before the sun rises. During that quiet time, you might be contemplative or getting geared up for your day. Have you ever tried to capture your early-morning thoughts? This poem started out as a series of odd questions on one dark morning. Another day, I had the idea to answer the questions, which completely changed the poem, making it even more quirky and edgy.

Questions and Answers on a Morning During a Long Winter

Why do some people choose to live
in their wounds, milking them daily?

Pessimists are incompetent.

What defines you more:

your joys or your sorrows?

Depends on how much Oprah you’ve been watching.

How did cell phones take over the world
when no one was looking?

Because bees and brain cells can’t fight back.

What is the difference
between a waning or a gibbous moon?

The perspective of the sun.

If a tree falls in the forest,
why is there a question about whether it fell?

Narcissists are incompetent.

If you don’t believe in God,
who is the conversation in your mind with?


Christine Swanberg is a local author and poet.

From the Dec. 22-28, 2010 issue

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