To the Editor: French toast and marriage

After a Chicago newspaper recently editorialized it’s “Time for civil unions” in Illinois, an incensed reader castigated it for not holding out for “total marriage.” This made me think of “total french toast,” which is traditionally made with milk and eggs—not with a double amount of one or the other. Make that if you must, but if you insist on calling it french toast, then we’ll have to name ours all over again.

The most accurate way to appraise the whole GLBT movement is: they’re a bunch of bullies. Their incessant victimhood is merely their cleverly playing against type. Their damage is immense.

Take Chaz Bono, formerly Chastity Bono, daughter of Cher. Overweight and unhappy, she was conned into denying the 46th chromosome in every cell in her body and became a man.

Worse, because man has become the measure of all things, we’re told and obliged to believe that the only thing sick about this is thinking it is so. An Oct. 21 guest columnist employed this same God-is-dead line of baloney in the Rockford Register Star.

She wrote, “the religious view of marriage being a holy union between a man and a woman… is invalid in a society that is based upon secular laws.” Moreover, “why isn’t divorce considered wrong?”

It once was, and still should be, but it’s easy remarriage that’s killing us. Worse, once “marriage” has been rendered one big institution for everyone, divorce will be the new nexus for crossing over and back, all with society’s blessing.

Traditional marriage isn’t religious, it’s definitional. Let gays coin their own term.

Norman Bleed


From the Dec. 29-Jan. 4, 2011 issue

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