To the Editor: Jackson Elementary School thanks SwedishAmerican

SwedishAmerican Health System is a great neighbor to Jackson Elementary School. This past month, they not only purchased updated two-way security radios for our school, but also adopted 11 school families for the holidays.

Our security radios were substandard, and only two of the eight functioned reliably. We now have eight new radios that meet all federal standards set since 9/11. They are deployed on all three floors of our historic building. As Swede’s continues its work to make our Jackson neighborhood more stable and safe, we are especially grateful for this special gift to make all our students safer.

This is a year of vast economic need in our community. Over 90 percent of Jackson students come from families in poverty. Christmas is not an economic reality for a number of our students. SwedishAmerican’s hospital floors and health system departments really stepped up to the need this year by adopting 11 of our families—not 11 kids, but 11 large families. I have already spoken to a number of tearful recipients who feel blessed by the SwedishAmerican community’s generous Christmas gifts.

Thank you, SwedishAmerican Health System for including Jackson Elementary School in your overarching mission of quality care!

Jay Larson, Principal

Jackson Elementary School


From the Jan. 5-11, 2011 issue

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