To the Editor: Sacia needs to get facts straight on dairy discharge

Mr. Sacia prides himself on knowing the facts.

Fact, Lester Johnson, our own Jo Daviess soil expert, said this is karst. Fact, Sam Panno, our state geologist, says this is karst. Fact, the Warren clay-lined sewer pond could not be sealed. They tried several methods. There is no sewage in that pond. It is clean water. Fact, the leachate pond has discharged at least twice. Fact, the dairy manure pond berm was compromised when we had the 10 to 12 inches of rain. What would have happened if it had been full of manure? Fact, the first part of November 2010, the manure pond is two-thirds full of water; where could that be coming from, springs? There has been no significant amount of rain in weeks. The water is clear, not stagnant. Fact, as I write this, the berm walls are riddled with deep crevices. This does not instill in me trust that there will be no further leaks. Fact, we, too, have checked out some larger dairies at our own expense, and yes, there are some people for the dairies, but most benefitted in some way, such as getting their Fourth of July fireworks paid for. We have also talked to farmers who have been displaced. We’ve seen pictures of homes covered with flies in fly season. We have been told of well pollution that has caused illness by the parties it affected.

Kathleen M. Hicks

Warren, Ill.

From the Jan. 5-11, 2011 issue

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