To the Editor: Rockford’s airport could be a great hub

Today is Dec. 26th, and Chicago is again canceling some of its major flights because of weather. It’s a beautiful day in Rockford, and a drive around it makes me wonder why these flights are not coming here!

There is plenty of room at the Rockford International Airport for the flights that Chicago is canceling, but we remain silent and empty. There is plenty of money going to another airport that could be going to us! Why is this? The people on the canceled flights will still fly. They still need to be to work on Monday. Why can’t Rockford step in and help out?

When we drop the name “Chicago” from our name, the Rockford International Airport could actually be a contender for these flights they cannot make. Each year, the flights in Chicago are canceled, and each year we have great weather and the means to connect the flights to where they need to go.

I believe that with the right direction, Rockford could be not only a hub for great package deliveries, but an international airport that the larger airlines will flock to. We can’t just sit here and hope an airline finds us, we have to be there willing to do the job that Chicago cannot!

Midway has no delays today because so many flights were canceled. Those flights should have come to Rockford!

Daniel Robert Smyth

West Rockford

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