Former Winnebago County Animal Services employee ordered to pay restitution

By Susan Johnson
Copy Editor

Gloria Ohman-Knox, a former employee of Winnebago County Animal Services, who had been charged with nine felony counts for embezzling $10,000 from the county facility, has been ordered to pay restitution.

At her latest court date Dec. 20, 2010, she pled guilty to charges of official misconduct that took place over a five-year period. Associate Judge John R. Truitt ordered the restitution of $10,000, plus fines and costs of $293. No jail time was ordered, but Ohman-Knox was placed on probation for two years. The money is due by June 1, 2011, according to the Winnebago County Circuit Clerk’s office.

The investigation began a year ago in January, when Winnebago County Auditor William Crowley brought some concerns to the attention of Winnebago County officials including County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen, State’s Attorney Joseph Bruscato and Sheriff Richard Meyers. Ohman-Knox ended her employment at the facility shortly after the investigation began. No other employees were involved.

State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato told The Rock River Times: “The judge imposed a 180-day sentence, but he stayed it. If she [Ohman-Knox] makes any mistakes, she will have to serve it. He withheld the requirement that she serve it subject to how she performs on probation. She has to pay the restitution within six months, by June 1. Does she commit any other offenses, does she follow through with the requirements of her probation, or things like that.”

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