To the Editor: Distorting the words of Jesus

Stanley Campbell’s comments in “The real war on Christmas—updated” (Dec. 15-21, 2010) need some helpful clarification. While shamelessly plugging every liberal philosophy whether it fit the story or not, he distorted the words of Jesus and basic biblical facts. His claim that more hours of sunlight after Dec. 20 is the real meaning of light returning to the world defies Jesus’ words that He was the light of the world. The Bible is also clear that “antichrists” are those who deny Jesus as the Savior, not those who hold conservative views, as Mr. Campbell would say. In addition, his skepticism concerning the return of Jesus is in direct contrast to biblical teaching. Even the basic fact of Jesus leaving home at 30 years old (not 33) to start His ministry seems to have eluded Mr. Campbell. It is fine to talk about love, but don’t distort scripture in an attempt to promote the liberal agenda. However, I do agree with Mr. Campbell on one point—he is no theologian.

Joe Militello


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