To the Editor: Re: Stanley Campbell’s column of Dec. 22-28, 2010

You can’t win the war in Afghanistan.


If it wasn’t for liberal Demon-crats like you and all the other do-gooders in D.C., we could win a war sometimes. If the Libs didn’t tie our troops’ hands behind their backs and let us win, most wars wouldn’t take so long.

How can you be so naive as to think economic means would ever win a war with these people? These people don’t have anything and never will have anything other than their beliefs to kill the infidels. Money has no appeal to these people.

Do you remember how THE UNITED STATES won WWI & WW 2—we broke things and killed people? That is the only way to win wars.

When the enemy hides behind women and kids, and the libs say it’s wrong to kill women and kids, but it’s OK to have our brave men and women killed, there is something wrong with this picture.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is the proven point of the Peter Principle: A person is always promoted to one level above what he can handle.

How can an international force be set up when the world cannot even agree there is no global warming, which I suspect you do.

And for your little Happy Holy Daze, I thought you were a minister; doesn’t sound too Christian to me.

James C. Davis

Byron, Ill.

Editor’s note: Stanley Campbell is not a minister and has never claimed that title. On several occasions, he has identified himself as the first non-clergy director of Rockford Urban Ministries.

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