To the Editor: Corrupt society works against the public

We are living in a corrupt capitalist society, and the American public fatties refuse to recognize it. The largest contributors to the corruption are Wall Street and large banks, followed by the Republicans. They want to lead you to believe you have to keep the rich people well-greased, or the world will fall off its axis.

Reaganomics has not worked, nor will it ever work. We need to start putting pressure on our elected officials to stop sitting on their hands and make some changes. The rich people have the Republicans looking out for them, and nobody is looking out for the low-income people. Years ago, loan sharking was against the law, but now they are alive and well in Illinois. Title loan places and rental stores, finance companies and used car dealers (that buy here, pay here) are getting 300 percent interest.

Now, they’re using your credit score when you get car insurance and apply for a job. How can our elected officials continue to sit on their hands and let this continue? Nowadays, you have to pay to be poor. We are being scammed by oil, gas, medical and drug companies.

Jewel Ferguson


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