To the Editor: Re: Titan Tire and USW

I responded to a commentary by Stanley Campbell (Sept. 1-7, 2010) about utopia and unions in this world. The Titan Tire fiasco seems to prove my point.

The Titan Tire Company has told the USW that they had to standardize their three plants to regain profitability.

What doesn’t the USW understand? If a company cannot be profitable, how in the hell does anyone win? If the company isn’t profitable, they have two choices: go out of business or move to a state or country where they can be profitable. Either of these choices has dire consequences for the workers (no jobs).

The labor bosses, such as Jim Robinson, don’t have to worry; they just go to other companies and either put them out of business or get more money for their workers, and this just makes the companies raise prices to everyone. Who wins in the end? Do GM and Chrysler come to mind?

Robinson said the standardization has the potential to equalize working conditions at all three locations and help prevent any potential pitting of one another, creating more leverage for the union in future negotiations.”–Freeport Journal Standard, Dec. 17, 2010

All this means is the USW is looking to the next contract talks not solving the work stoppage at Titan and putting their workers at risk.

Does anyone remember one of the great companies in Rockford? National Lock; ask the unions who won and how many people in Rockford lost their jobs.

James C. Davis

Byron, Ill.

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