To the Editor: Thanks to Alderwoman Venita Hervey

Praise for my Alderwoman Venita Hervey. Jan. 4, as I was walking to pick up my daughter from her bus stop, I noticed two small children poking at something and about to pick it up. As I glanced over, I saw what appeared to be a medical bag filled with bloody urine. I yelled at them to stop, which, thank God, they did. I then called the police department to tell them about this. They said they would handle it. The following afternoon, again on my way to the bus stop, I saw that it was still there. Again, I called the police; they then told me it was not their concern. I did not know what to do as I felt this posed a great hazard to the children in my neighborhood. I then called my alderwoman, Venita Hervey. Within hours, Venita had identified what the proper procedure was for dealing with this kind of problem. Two hours after my call to her, the problem had been taken care of. Thank you, Venita. I did try to have this printed in RR Star, but they do not cover these type of letters.

Mary Garcia


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