To the Editor: Keep Jackson School open

Before the decision to close any schools is made, I’d like to suggest why Jackson School should remain open:

→ As the city’s oldest school, Jackson School is living history. It would be a grave disservice to deny students the opportunity to attend class in this landmark building, learning about life when the school was built, and studying about civic leaders who once walked the same halls.

→ Keeping  Jackson School open is a wonderful way to teach children this is not a disposable society; older things have value, and properly maintaining them can help them last a lifetime—or longer.

→ In case of serious accident, a major trauma center is only two blocks away.

→ Jackson School, in the geographic center of the city, is accessible from almost anywhere in Rockford in about 15-20 minutes—an important consideration if schools are consolidated. Parents without cars will appreciate the convenience of the RMTD bus stop on East State Street, just two blocks from the school.

I’m proud to have attended the city’s oldest school. Rockford is lucky to have a school with such a positive legacy—a legacy we need to maintain while we still can.

Paula Hendrickson


Editor’s note: Paula Hendrickson is a contributing writer for The Rock River Times.

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