To the Editor: Stop killing our children!

Thirty-eight years ago, our judicial government usurped God’s law, “You shall not kill,” by making Roe vs. Wade legal to the inhuman massacre of over 52 million American sons and daughters, aborted since Jan. 22, 1973.

Human life starts at conception when the sperm and egg unite. From zygote to embryo to fetus, it is a live human being baby developing, with complete DNA and with a heartbeat that the doctor always listens to.

We have to stop killing our children. We now have a similar duplication of God’s plagues, polluted land, air, water and food. Moses said: “Thus says the Lord God of Israel: Let me people go to worship me.” Millions of people who love God and you say, “Let your unborn sons and daughters ‘go on living’ and if necessary by adoption, to worship our God.”

Please write to Rep. Donald Manzullo, Sen. Richard Durbin and Sen. Mark Kirk to give “personhood rights” to the unborn, to save America from killing God’s creations.

Hurry, Nostradamus’ mystic prediction for year 2012 is nuclear annihilation. We need God’s help. Repent and be forgiven.

Helen M. Deckler

Freeport, Ill.

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