Enforce current immigration laws

The immigration reform most needed now in our nation is rigorous enforcement of current laws. For decades, crooked employers have been effectively subsidized with billions of dollars in illegal alien labor.

Under the abundant blessings of corrupt government officials, big agbiz has laid out the red-carpeted welcome mat for illegals.

Since the authorization of E-verify, there is no excuse for “unknowingly” hiring illegals.

Our nation has no obligation to pander to businessmen and lobbyists representing or accommodating those who choose to violate our laws.

When owners and operators are hauled off in handcuffs to face felony charges with liens against their property, the illegals they’ve traditionally employed will self-deport.

In addition to federal penalties, state and local governments should assess impact fees to cover all socioeconomic costs attributable to illegals.

Even if mega-dairies are forced to haul their cows to the nearest sale barn, any short-term gaps in the national milk supply will soon be filled by honest family farmers. The same evolution will occur throughout all businesses dependent on an illegal workforce.

Our citizens will cope and flourish when our laws are enforced and respected by the rest of the world.

Sylvia Pagel
Winnebago, Ill.

From the Feb. 23-March 1, 2011, issue

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