Re: Letter of Michael Cannariato/Reload Fox/Jan. 12-18, 2011

February 23, 2011

As a Hispanic patriot, I resent the letter written by the above-mentioned person, Michael Cannariato.

Our family has had sons in every war beginning with WWI, and we love America.

I am also a civil rights activist from the ‘60s, and I have marched and demonstrated with many other great Americans, including many of my priests of various churches in Cook County and DuPage County, and we marched and demonstrated for civil rights with ministers and rabbis.

If Mr. Cannariato watched the Sarah Palin shows, he would know that she is a true patriot of America and a good Christian who loves God and country.

Where is his proof of her being anything else but that?

True American patriots know that a lot of great people are shot by the maniacs of our society, and if he would read about these assassinations, he would know that they were usually white men who were weirdos of America, and that their hatred was not from words from any politician but merely a very sick mind.

And as a member of a Tea Party, I resent his accusations and ignorant remarks, for he does not know any member of the Tea Party organizations, for if he did, he would know that these are the cream of the crop—American patriots who love God and country.

Rep. Gabrielle [Giffords] is a victim of ignorance and mental sickness just as John and Robert Kennedy were, along with our Martin Luther King.

As for Fox News TV, it is a true American station whether on the TV or radio, and I do not believe Mr. Cannariato actually watches Fox News or hears it on the radio, for if he did, he would not be preaching hatred towards them, the tea partiers or Sarah Palin.

Mr. Cannariato, ignorance is not bliss, believe me.

Rhetoric does not kill people; only sick minds kill innocent people.

Shame on Mr. Cannariato for writing propaganda like the Communists like to use, for he only believes himself when he sprouts his seeds of hatred and ignorance.

I challenge Mr. Cannariato to prove his false allegations.

I do not think that Mr. Cannariato believes in a God, for if he did, he would not be so mean-spirited or false.

Mary Alvarado High
Follower of Jesus, the Jew
Civil Rights Activist

From the Feb. 23-March 1, 2011, issue

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  1. Michael Cannariato

    March 2, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    Since the paper printed this misrepresentation of my guest column, and none of your editors replied, I feel I ought to be given the opportunity to do so. Here it is.

    To Ms. High, self-proclaimed “ follower of Jesus”, who referred to Him as the “Jew Civil Rights Activist”, an interesting description of Jesus; although, I’d respectfully suggest, He was more than that if He was that at all. Since you pigeon-holed the Son of Man, I’m not as offended you cast false and limiting aspersions at me, a mere advocate for His message.

    You condemn me for being “mean-spirited “, then laud Sarah Palin, who consistently is mean spirited to the President and even his wife. You accuse me of “preaching hatred” towards Ms.Palin, FOX Noise, and the Tea Party. Not true. In my column, I encouraged them and all others to respond to the Tucson murders with less violent rhetoric after I clearly stated, TWICE, that Jared Loughner was the only one responsible for that tragedy. You either need to sharpen up on your reading comprehension, or you purposely misrepresented what I said. Either way, you falsely characterized the message.

    You call your self a “ follower of Jesus”, but your letter suggests you also worship at the altar of Sarah Palin, and FOX Noise, and the Tea party.
    Be careful. Remember His Father’s first commandment :
    “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.”

    You accuse me of being Godless, and “writing propaganda like Communists . . . sprout(ing) . . . seeds of hatred and ignorance . . .” and that “ignorance is not bliss.” I trust you realize that your letter filled with misdirected resentment, misjudgment, and anger towards me will not bring us Christians bliss, either. Now that I have explained your misinterpretation of my guest column, I hope I have diffused all that negativity you directed at me. When you revisit Jesus’ words, you will again be clearly reminded that those feelings are less than Christian – and can never result in true bliss.

    We Christians all need to try harder to live by what Jesus says.

    You challenge me to “prove my false allegations” right after you fill your letter with false allegations about who I am and what I said.

    Nevertheless, I, as a Christian, Ms. High, forgive you.

    Michael Cannariato

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