Returning to the softball diamonds

By Doug Halberstadt
Sports Columnist

There’s about six or seven weeks left in our bowling season. For the past several years, as soon as bowling is over, my thoughts immediately transition from the lanes to the greens. Traditionally for me, golf takes over immediately following the last ball of the final frame. I’d like to do something different this year.

At the end of January, I turned 50 years old. It dawned on me that with any luck, I’ll still have plenty of years to pursue my passion for golf. However, my softball playing days might be slipping away right before my aging eyes.

Therefore, I’m hoping to change things this spring. I want to resurrect my once-productive softball career. I’m not ready to retire the glove just yet. Granted, I may not be able to play at the same caliber as I did a few years ago, but I think I’d still be able to hold my own with guys in my age bracket. I know there is a league out there for us close to over-the-hill guys.

Defensively, I’m confident enough that I can still contribute to a team in need of a pitcher or a first baseman. Offensively, I’m strictly a singles hitter. That’s my softball résumé in a nutshell. If you’re reading this, and your team is in need of another warm body to fill out this year’s roster, shoot me an e-mail.

If I do catch on with a team this season, I’ll even offer to buy the first pitcher or two of beer following our first practice. That’s assuming teams in this type of league still hold practices?

Doug Halberstadt can be reached via e-mail at

From the Feb. 23-March 1, 2011, issue

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