Astro-Weather: Week of March 2-8, 2011

By Guy Spiro

Week of March 2-8, 2011

Wednesday, March 2—Cautionary relationship energy from yesterday will remain with us through today. Reread and apply carefully. Today’s major energy is also cautionary, and can very much aggravate anything still going on with yesterday’s. This energy easily brings problems to communication and transportation, especially where people run into unexpected delays, restrictions and frustrations. Watch for volatility and unwise reactions that can lead to harsher and longer-lasting consequences than at other times. Be careful in traffic. Today’s best moods will run through the early morning. The rest of the daytime is open. Some coercive attitudes and irritability may arise in the early evening, followed by exaggerated emotional responses a couple hours later. Both of these periods should be brief, if they are noticed at all. The late night through tomorrow’s predawn is open again.

Thursday, March 3—Yesterday’s cautionary energy will tend to linger through today. Reread and apply carefully. Be aware of two more major energies. The first is positive for the uses of energy and power, especially behind the scenes and in subtle ways. Quietly go about your business and get things done, especially where you normally face opposition. Make good use of this energy. You will notice energy levels rising throughout the day as the second major energy, tomorrow afternoon’s new moon, rolls in. The moon will be void of course this morning from 8:36 until 10:46, when the moon enters Pisces. At that point, the energy will lift noticeably, and general moods will tend to become somewhat more mellow, spacy and spiritual, and the new moon will begin in earnest. Aside from major energy, moods should be more positive than otherwise, and this should be a good day for most people.

Friday, March 4—High positive energy from yesterday will remain with us through today. Reread and plan to make the most of it. Today is new moon day. It is exact at 2:45 this afternoon. Remember that what you start around new moon brings results at the next full moon. During this new to full period, you will want to pay attention to relationships and any matters involving self-discipline, and concentrate on making positive changes. The coming full moon’s connection to the vernal equinox makes this period all the more important. Aside from major energy, take a cooperative, disciplined, active and expansive approach from the early predawn through the midday. Some minor erratic, hard attitudes may arise in the early evening and relationship issues in the very late night, but these periods will be brief and may very well pass unnoticed. This will be a high-energy social Friday night. Have fun, but be mindful of the new moon and make only positive new beginnings.

Saturday, March 5—Consider the new moon to run strongly through today and tomorrow, and continue to be good, making the right kinds of beginnings. Late Friday-night social scenes will likely be highly energized well into today’s predawn. Again, remember the new moon. Be aware of two more major energies today. The first is good for making new beginnings in communication, transportation, learning, teaching and negotiation, leading to long-term agreement. Self-discipline is the key. The second is high positive energy that can be put to any good use. Take a communicative, active and expansive approach, and much may be accomplished. With the right choices, moods should be more positive than otherwise through most of today. Have a great time tonight, but be aware of a short moon void of course period running from 10:33 until 11:13 tonight, when the moon enters Aries. At that point, the energy will shift, and general moods will tend to become more assertive and, at times, perhaps aggressive. Choose wisely.

Sunday, March 6—Late Saturday-night social scenes will be highly energized into today’s predawn. Remember to consider the new moon period to be in effect through today, and continue to make the right kinds of beginnings. The high positive energy from yesterday peaks in today’s late predawn and remains very much with us as well. Reread and make very good use of it. Be aware of two more major energies today, both of which are rather more cautionary. The first easily brings problems with and for authority. Be very careful in any dealing with authority figures as they can be quite changeable and unpredictable. Things can turn suddenly with little warning, and consequences from running afoul of them can be harsher and longer lasting than at other times. The second stimulates a great deal of activity in communication and transportation, and much may be done with it, but many will fall into overdoing, overreaching and biting off more than they can chew. This can be in bad combination with the other energy. Minor energies are mixed. Good moods are there for those making good choices, but for those having problems with the cautionary energies…

Monday, March 7—High energy from the past two days, both positive and cautionary, especially the cautionary, will remain with us through today. Reread the forecasts and apply carefully. Another major energy today can be good for communication in and taking relationships to deeper levels. A strong sexual component may be related to this, however, and not everyone is comfortable with that, so sensitivity may well be called for. Be aware that the moon will be void of course from 7:20 this morning through most of tomorrow morning. Try to relax, take it easy and tend to old business. Some people may become frustrated by the end of the workday, so watch for that, and don’t get drawn into anyone else’s drama.

Tuesday, March 8—This month’s longest moon void of course period continues through most of this morning and finally ends at 11:51 this morning, when the moon enters Taurus. At that point, the energy will lift very noticeably, and general moods tend to become more down-to-earth and concerned with enjoyment. Be aware of two major energies. The first is very good for meditation, prayer or any other spiritual activity one may be involved in. Be open to the intuitive process, pay attention to dreams, and listen for the still, small voice. The second is related and is very good for initiating any project having to do with communication, transportation, electronic media, science technology and magic. Take a relaxed approach through the remainder of the void of course period, but be prepared to hit the ground running as it ends.

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From the March 2-8, 2011, issue

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