Obama has ruined the capitalist society—what’s left of it

This letter is in response to a Letter to the Editor “Corrupt society works against the public” by Jewel Ferguson.

You are wrong about a corrupt capitalist society. The last time I looked, we are living in a Socialist society, soon to be a Communist society if things don’t change. In a capitalist society, the major industries are owned by capitalists who invest their own money to provide an item or service that the American people want or use, and their motivation is to make money. While doing this, they provide jobs for the people and are a benefit to the communities, state and federal governments (taxes). The last time I looked, the Obama administration has taken over the major car companies, medical industries, insurance, student loans, banking, housing loans, unemployment, etc. This is not very capitalistic.

Tell me what capitalists are left in the United States?

The capitalists that are left are barely hanging on. They pay most of the taxes that are collected to take care of the 47 percent of people that don’t pay taxes. Think about it. How many capitalists do you know who live in Illinois? Thanks to things like raising taxes on corporations, and don’t forget the 66 percent increase of the income tax.

James C. Davis
Byron, Ill.

From the March 2-8, 2011, issue

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