The enormous betrayal

I know that peace can be considered a good thing. But when did any peace treaty last for very long? One simple word: never! Our President Barack Obama hastily signed the Lisbon Treaty. But what will it take for us Americans to wake up? Nothing, because America is so busy into escapism (ducking any true facts). We watch easily too much television (the boob tube). They swill down their booze, watching sports. Americans are dependent upon prescriptions and non-prescription drugs (the illicit ones). We drive somewhere, even if it’s one mile, because we are in such a hurry, wanting to get back to our idiot boxes (televisions).

But we are so busy with being entertained that our president could be a Benedict Arnold! But why do I believe it? Because our president (Barack Hussein Obama) had built his wannabe platform around the betrayals of President G. W. Bush. And after Senator Obama became President Barack Obama, did he, as promised (for a better change) end the war in the Middle East? No way! Did our new president change President Bush’s privatized insurance (Medicare Part D) for the poor? Yes, but now the Republicans are calling it “ObamaCare”!

But does President Obama care? Not in the slightest. Because earlier this year, he had hastily signed the Lisbon Treaty! These people are nothing less than schizophrenic, evil Communists!

Philip J. Wilson

From the March 2-8, 2011, issue

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