Astro-Weather: Week of March 9-15, 2011

By Guy Spiro

Week of March 9-15, 2011

Wednesday, March 9—The high positive energy from yesterday will remain with us through today. Reread and make the best possible use of it. Be aware of three more major energies today. The first is a continuation of yesterday’s second energy in a much stronger form. Again, make sure to get in on this and make the right beginnings. The second indicates a general shift in thinking, communication and transportation toward a more active and self-directed mode. This is Mercury entering Aries, where it remains, due to a retrograde period, all the way until it enters Taurus May 15. The third is high positive relationship and social energy, pure and simple. This energy is more appropriate to a weekend, but here it is midweek, and many will be responding to it. Enjoy the energy at the social level, and make good use of it in the relationship context, but don’t get carried away with it or lose sight of other important things. Minor energies are mixed through the day, and moods are likely to swing. Watch the late afternoon through the early evening for minor irritability, but moods are likely to improve dramatically in the very late night and tomorrow’s predawn. Night owls take note.

Thursday, March 10—High energy from the past two days is likely to remain with us through today. Reread and make good use of it. This is especially true of the relationship and social energy that peaks early this morning and remains especially strong. Enjoy it, but again, don’t get carried away. Make sure to deal properly with normal business through the workday. Another major energy to be aware of is another repetition of the energy from the past two days regarding communication, transportation, electronic media, science, technology and magic. A great deal of activity is likely in these areas. Make good use of this, and bring what you can to completion. This form of the energy does tend to bring out the crazies, however, so watch for erratic and bizarre behavior of all kinds, and be especially careful in traffic. Be aware of a very short moon void of course period tonight from 11:24 until 11:30 p.m. when the moon enters Gemini. At that point, the energy will shift, and general moods will tend to become more communicative.

Friday, March 11—High energy from the past few days will tend to linger through today. Reread and apply. Another major energy to be aware of today is very good for initiating projects involving self-discipline and relations with authority, older people and traditional matters. Light will be shed on these areas and positive new beginnings made. Take a friendly and communicative approach in the late predawn into the early morning. Some minor coercive irritability may occur in the early afternoon, but this will pass quickly, if it’s noticed at all. Aside from that, the daytime is open. Good moods should run through the evening into the late night, so have a great time, but watch for a potential downturn in tomorrow’s predawn.

Saturday, March 12—Be aware of two major energies today. They are related to yesterday’s, and the first enhances and expands it. Make good use of this. The second brings communication and transportation into the mix, but this is rather more neutral and can go either way. Be active, but don’t insist on your way or the highway, and don’t get compulsive about things. Late Friday-night social scenes will be strongly energized into today’s predawn, but watch for aggressiveness, and pack it in early if things start to sour out. Moods will improve in the late predawn, but this may come too late to be of much help. Watch the late afternoon through the early evening for a period of potential for very bad moods. If possible, you will want to plan social activities for a later evening or late-night start.

Sunday, March 13—High energy from yesterday remains with us through today. It is joined by four more major energies. The first stimulates a great deal of activity in communication and transportation, and many people will want to put new things into motion. The second is related, but decidedly more cautionary. Things normally kept hidden and beneath the surface will be exposed. Guard your secrets and observe as others’ are revealed. Keep the eyes and ears open as there will be much to learn. Also, watch for general bad attitudes, sarcasm and smartmouthitis. Be especially careful in traffic and no single-digit salutes. The third is also related and is in bad combination with the second. Any problems in these areas that do arise can lead to harsher and longer-lasting consequences than normal. This will be a day for damage control and making sure things don’t get any worse than they have to. The fourth peaks tomorrow morning, and is the most cautionary of them all. Read tomorrow’s forecast, and apply the warning carefully through today. Be aware of a short moon void of course period this morning from 8:09 until 9:28, when the moon enters Cancer. At that point, the energy will shift, and general moods will tend to become more sensitive, protective and nurturing.

Monday, March 14—Apply the warnings of the cautionary energies from yesterday carefully through today. Be aware of three more major energies. The first came into focus yesterday, but is strongest through today. This energy easily brings problems in the uses of energy and power. Be very careful, as anything in these areas can be quite changeable and unpredictable. Watch for some people to run into unexpected delays, restrictions and frustrations and foolishly act out on them. Consequences from this can be harsher and longer lasting than at other times. The second can bring problems to relationships. Watch for erratic behavior and unrealistic and unreasonable demands for change. The third is related to the second, but contradicts it and can be quite positive for relationships. This energy is great for strengthening and solidifying relationships, especially with a disciplined approach. All of this can set up confusion and mixed signals. Minor energies are of little help through the day, and good choices will be very important.

Tuesday, March 15—High energy from the past two days will remain with us through today. Reread and apply carefully, making good use of the positive and minimizing the cautionary. Two more major energies run through today. The first is very good for initiating projects having to do with thinking, learning, communication and transportation. Remember the lingering cautions, but take an expansive approach, and get some important things started. The second is very good for communication in relationships. Some people will need to make good use of this after yesterday’s energies, and the rest can benefit from it as well. Do be aware of and work around today’s moon void of course period, which runs from 5:04 this morning until 2:31 this afternoon when the moon enters Leo. At that point, the energy will lift very noticeably, and general moods will tend to become more intense and concerned with self. Relax and take it easy through the void of course, but be prepared for action with the big boost in energy as it ends.

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From the March 9-15, 2011, issue

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