Sheffield’s vitriol vs. Hammatt’s restraint

I watched the Feb. 22nd Board of Education meeting and was amazed at Dr. Sheffield’s comments. At the beginning of the second semester, she sent an e-mail to staff promising a “softer tone.” In her Register Star guest column of Feb. 20th, she decried the vitriol in the community’s tone when discussing educational issues. Apparently, she has a short memory.

The vitriol was blatant in her attack on Noel Hammatt, the former vice-president of the East Baton Rouge, Louisiana School Board. Hammatt spoke to a rally of 500 or more residents and never once mentioned her name. Instead, he spoke about the necessity for all constituents of the city to find common ground to forge a united front regarding educational issues. Because he came from Louisiana and knew her, he was not going to bash her. Instead, she chose to ignore his positive message and accuse him of being a racist and someone who distorted data. If she had talked to Mark Bonne, who attended the meeting, she would have had a different take. Her verbal assault turned out to be sadly pathetic.

Her softer tone emerged with her verbal rant against Alice Saudargas. She [Sheffield] accused her of missing appointments. Rather unprofessional, don’t you think? By the way, a friend of mine who belongs to the Lions Club told me that Dr. Sheffield had been invited to be a guest speaker on four separate occasions and never showed up. No phone calls, no apology, no LaVonne.

Roger Oehlke

From the March 9-15, 2011, issue

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