Astro-Weather: Week of March 16-22, 2011

By Guy Spiro

Week of March 16-22, 2011

Wednesday, March 16—High positive energy from yesterday will remain with us through today. Reread and make good use of it. Be aware of two more major energies today. The first is long-range, outer-planet energy related to the ongoing changes in the world on the national and international scene. This energy supports positive changes and solidifies gains that have been made in recent months. This may well be reflected in the news in these days. The second stimulates a great deal of activity in communication and transportation. This can be very good with much being accomplished and projects brought to completion. On the other hand, conflict can easily arise where people become pushy, frustrated or don’t get their way. Be careful not to let any minor disputes escalate, and be careful in traffic. Minor energies are mixed. The best moods will tend to run in the mid-morning through the midday, and again in the late afternoon. Watch for a downturn from then through the evening. Choices.

Thursday, March 17—High energy from yesterday will tend to linger through today. Make good use of it, but watch for its cautionary options. Be aware of two more major energies today. The first brings out the space cases. Watch for those overindulging in the recreational substances and the otherwise out-of-it, who will be out and about. If you meet someone who seems a sandwich short of a picnic, they probably are. Be especially careful in traffic. The second is related, peaks tomorrow morning but comes into focus through today and is even more cautionary. Read tomorrow’s forecast and apply carefully through today, especially as the day wears on. Minor energies are of no help, and there is scattered irritability here and there throughout the day. Be aware of and work around a short moon void of course period this afternoon that runs from 2:57 until 3:52, when the moon enters Virgo. At that point, the energy will shift, and general moods tend to become more discerning and concerned with detail. Choose wisely today.

Friday, March 18—Yesterday’s major cautionary energy will remain with us through today. Reread and apply carefully. Be aware of two more major energies. The first was mentioned yesterday, peaks this morning and will be very strong and cautionary throughout today and on into tomorrow. This energy easily leads to problems in communication and transportation. Watch for people acting out on restrictions, limitations and frustrations, real or perceived. Be very careful with this, as consequences from running afoul of it can be harsher and longer lasting than at other times. This energy can be good for closing deals and bringing negotiations to conclusion, but needs to be handled carefully. You will notice energy levels rising throughout today as the second major energy, tomorrow’s full moon, comes into focus. Consider today and tonight to be full-moon time. This will obviously be a high-energy social Friday night, but just as obviously one to be very careful with.

Saturday, March 19—Late Friday-night social scenes will be highly energized well into today’s predawn. Remember the full moon and lingering cautionary energy, however, and be careful in the festivities. Today is full-moon day. It is exact at 1:09 this afternoon. Remember that full moons are always high energy and deserve to be approached with respect. This particular full moon period has a mix of energy connected to and surrounding it. Read two or three days past and forward, and apply carefully. Two major energies are especially active today, and they are both connected to, and so amplified by, the full moon. The first is very good for innovation and initiating projects involving science, technology and magic. Light will be shed on these things, and you may want to make changes accordingly. The second is very good for communication and learning about meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices. Make good use of this. It can also be seen as a social energy, and that, of course, is what many will use it for. Be aware of and work around a moon void of course period this afternoon that runs from 1:09 until 3:03, when the moon enters Libra. At that point, the energy will lift noticeably, and general moods tend to become more concerned with balance, beauty and fairness. Have fun tonight, but remember all that is in effect.

Sunday, March 20—Consider the full moon to remain very much with us through today and well into tomorrow at least. Yesterday’s positive energies that are connected to it will remain strongly with us as well. Reread and make good use of them. Be aware of two more major energies today. The first can bring problems to relationships. It is not in its strongest and most cautionary form, but it still easily leads to a heavy and potentially coercive sexuality. While this can be fun for some people, it can be unsettling and even dangerous for others. As always with this energy, be vigilant and protective of the vulnerable. The second is the sun’s entry into the cardinal fire sign Aries at 6:20 this evening, as the first third of the spring season begins. This is the vernal equinox, and it is the time to initiate major projects for this solar cycle. Just as the farmer plants in the spring to harvest in the fall, we, too, can sow the seeds of what we wish to harvest. This is among the most important times of the year. Happening at the full moon enhances its effect. Put some important things into motion.

Monday, March 21—Consider the full moon to run on well into today at least, and the vernal equinox period to remain in effect for the next several days. Be aware of and make use of two more major energies today. The first is great for new beginnings in anything having to do with science, technology and magic. Innovate and don’t be afraid of the unusual. You may also take a novel approach to authority, but, of course, you will want to be careful doing that. The second is related to the first but can bring about surprising and seemingly instantaneous results to what gets started. This is an interesting combination of energies that can leave us with very memorable experiences. Be aware of and work around a short moon void of course period this afternoon running from 1:35 until 2:17, when the moon enters Scorpio. At that point, the energy will shift, and general moods tend to become more intense and passionate. Today’s best moods will run through the mid-predawn and the midday into the early afternoon. Make good choices throughout.

Tuesday, March 22—Yesterday’s major energies for innovation and the unusual will remain with us through today. Reread and make the most of them. Be aware of another major energy today. This represents high energy itself that can be put to any use. While it is not in its strongest form, it can easily lead to excess energy that needs to be put to constructive ends as it can become compulsive and out of control. Use this energy wisely. Minor energies are mixed through the day, and moods will tend to swing. Minor aggressiveness in the early predawn gives way, and a cooperative approach is indicated shortly after. That will be the best option through most of the morning, but watch the late morning for erratic and exaggerated emotional responses. Take a disciplined approach through the afternoon, and watch for erratic emotional responses and general irritability. The evening through most of the late night is open, but watch the very late night for more minor irritability. Choose well.

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From the March 16-22, 2011, issue

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