Sweeny cheers Wisconsin runaways

March 16, 2011

In Chuck Sweeny’s column of Feb. 20, in the Rockford Register Star, he cheers the Wisconsin Democrat legislators who, acting like spoiled brats, ran from their legislative duties. Chuck thinks it laudable that these elected officials run, like the cowards they are, from their obligations to the people of Wisconsin.

According to the National Institute on Money in State Politics, the No. 1 spender in Wisconsin state politics is the National Education Association (NEA). So that’s why the Democrats in the state legislature are AWOL; this is what the unions get for their money.

Instead of living up to their sworn duty to defend and protect the constitution of their state and the nation, they say, in effect, our loyalty to the union is of greater importance to us than our oath to the citizens of Wisconsin, and Sweeny applauds this puerile behavior.

Governor Walker is fulfilling his obligation to the state, while keeping a campaign promise to get the state’s finances back to a manageable level. To offset this fiscally responsible behavior, the Obama team is busing thousands of protesters, who have no voice in Wisconsin’s business, into Madison, thereby proving the Democratic Party has sold its soul to the public sector unions.

I have seen shabby performances from Democrats before, but this one is right up there with the worst.

Peggy Klopfenstein

From the March 16-22, 2011, issue


  1. James C. Davis

    March 16, 2011 at 6:59 am

    I didn’t read the article that Mr. Sweeny wrote. If Mr. Sweeny cheered the Demon-Crats from running to Illinois that tells you what Mr. Sweeny is all about, DOES UNION CONTROL come to mind. Mr. Sweeny the American Political system is based on people voting in election between 2 candidates I wins the other 1 losses. It usually stays that way until there is another election. Gov. Walker won because the people of Wisconsin expected him to live up to his campaign promises, and he did. Remember when you were a child and played ball and it was your ball, when things didn’t go your way you took your ball and went home. Thats just the way the Demon-Crats of Wisconsin acted. If this Great Nation ever gets back to the Rule of Law maybe the Demon-Crats will learn to abide by it. Mr. Sweeny maybe that the American Public is tired of the “LEFT WING MEDIA” cowtowing to the LABOR UNIONS & DEMON-CRATS (of course they are the same thing. Mr. Sweeny the Rockriver times is twice the newspaper that the RR is because they present both sides to stories, when was the last time RR did? By they way how is you subscriptions and advertising holding up? Rockriver seems to have plenty of advertisemts and their paper is free. Ever thought about that?
    James C. Davis

  2. truckertom

    March 16, 2011 at 8:19 am

    Read sweeney column titled ‘white state of Arizona’ and other op-ed pieces concerning illegal aliens. The RRS must be run out on the rail-like ol’ chuck. The boycott might be working because they layed of how many in production and pre-press.

  3. Paul Gorski

    March 16, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    The actions taken in Wisconsin by their Governor had nothing to do with finances. All of the unions agreed to wage and retirement adjustments equal to or greater than that needed to achieve the budget goals. The ultimate goal was to deny organizing rights to the unions. The Democrats in the legislature, knowing this, brought attention to the matter by their departure from the state. Sounds like an effective peaceful protest to me.

    Now the truth is out there, the governor’s actions had nothing to do with the state’s finances, but was simply a union busting tactic. You may not like unions, but don’t pretend that this had anything to do with finances.

  4. James C. Davis

    March 17, 2011 at 9:10 am


    Do you live in another world? Or are you one of the “UNION” people bussed in from Chicago by obama?

  5. Andrew H

    March 27, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    Let me ask everyone: what’s more important – 220,000 rich people or 220,000,000 common citizens in this country? If you favor unregulated capitalism and laws that allow businesses and rich Congressmen to control people to the point where rights to speak up are infringed, then apparently the rich are more important. And 86% of Wisconsin’s Congress agreed with that.

    Our system is proclaimed as Democratic and adequate for all. Why can 100 people ignore 70,000 people in freezing cold who are bullied around by police, and that’s representing the people? Why can 8 people sitting at a school board table ignore hours of public comments from people who know the schools better, and the only way to get what the people (not a few select power brokers) need is to “vote people out”? Why can businesses force people to go against their ethical beliefs if they want to keep a job? Why can Democrats in Texas and Republicans in California never be heard during a Presidential election? These images are not democracy.

    The 14 Wisconsin senators were standing up for the people and peacefully protesting a system that doesn’t serve the people, simply as an attempt to fight the brutal system that lives on. Last I checked, small sections of the US Senate can talk for hours to kill laws that will help the least fortunate – then why can’t a small portion of our government stand up for the majority of Americans to keep our right to voice our opinions? That’s the real mystery.

    And if Scott Walker’s and Lavonne Sheffield’s agendas are not about union busting, then you’re just believing the media that’s been dragged into the system as well.

  6. Paul Gorski

    March 28, 2011 at 11:14 am

    To Mr. Davis, no I don’t live in another world. But I have lived and worked in Wisconsin and know many people there still. Fact is the unions agreed to the equivalent cuts to make the state budget work, yet action proceeded on the bill to bust the unions. Why? What’s the explanation for that?

    And you do the residents of Wisconsin a disservice. No one had to be sent, they went voluntarily. If there were people there from Chicago, they were the minority. Union and non-union people came from across Wisconsin: Lacrosse, Hayward, Green Bay, and Milwaukee. Rockford too.

    I’m not asking you to change your opinion on unions, but simply to recognize busting the unions had little or nothing to do with achieving budget goals, and more to do with earning brownie points with deep pocket campaign contributors.

    Again to Mr. Davis, I recently read your comments on alternative energy sources (replying to another article in this paper) and you did some good homework there. I’m just asking you to look at some of the facts here before rushing to judgement.

  7. Paul Gorski

    April 15, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Wisconsin Governor Admits To Congress Union Certification Requirement Doesn’t Save Money.

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