Astrology: Astro-Weather: Week of March 23-29, 2011

By Guy Spiro

Week of March 23-29, 2011

Wednesday, March 23—High energy from yesterday will remain with us through today. Reread and apply carefully. Use this energy wisely, don’t let it run out of control. Moods will be mixed in the early through mid-predawn. Take an active approach, and watch for some minor coercive irritability. Relationship issues can pop up in the early to mid-morning. Don’t get involved in nonsense—it’ll pass much quicker if you don’t engage it. The midday through the mid-afternoon contributes exaggerated emotional responses, spaciness and hard attitudes. Be aware of a short moon void of course period this afternoon from 3:08 until 3:45, when the moon enters Sagittarius. At that point, the energy will shift noticeably, and general moods will tend to become more expansive and open to a wider range of ideas. The tide turns markedly following the void of course, and it may seem like a different day. Moods will become much more positive through the rest of the afternoon, and especially through the later evening into the late night. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 24—Today, a long-range, outer-planet energy can seem to indicate setbacks in progress at national and international levels. Don’t take bad news too seriously; this is just a glitch that will pass. Today’s mid-to-late predawn is mixed. Take a communicative and cooperative approach, but watch for some minor irritability. The morning through the midday is open. Good moods should predominate the afternoon, and an expansive, yet disciplined, approach will bring the best results. The evening through the late night is open. Relax and have a good time.

Friday, March 25—Be aware of two major energies today. The first is very good for initiating projects having to do with the use of energy and power leading to solid and long-lasting benefit. Make good use of this. The second is high relationship and social energy. It is not in its strongest form, but take care not to get carried away in these areas. While this energy can certainly be positive for relationships and socializing, it can also easily become somewhat compulsive and out of control. Moods will vary through the day. Watch for some aggressive attitudes in the mid-to-late morning. Good moods will run through the evening. A short moon void of course period occurs tonight from 8:25 until 8:58, when the moon enters Capricorn. At that point, the energy will shift, and general moods tend to become more down to earth and concerned with accomplishment. This will be a very high-energy social Friday night, but one to deal carefully with.

Saturday, March 26—High energy from yesterday will remain very much with us through today. There are two more major energies to deal with. The first can bring problems to relationships, especially where people fall prey to feelings of restriction and frustration. This can be in bad combination with yesterday’s lingering energy as they are contradictory, and some people will feel jerked around by it all. The second is also related, but is more positive. This energy is very good for taking relationships and artistic matters to more spiritual levels. There will be many options; take the right ones. Watch the late predawn through the early morning for a period of potential for some very bad moods. Social scenes will be highly energized tonight, but good choices will be very important.

Sunday, March 27—Here we have a very high-energy day with almost too many options. The high social and relationship energy from the past two days will remain with us through today. Reread and apply carefully. Be aware of seven more major energies. The first indicates a general shift in relationship, social and artistic matters toward a more spiritual mode. This is Venus entering Pisces, where it remains until it enters Aries April 20. The second is a repeat of yesterday’s second. The third can be good for communication in relationships, but make sure all concerned are willing participants and don’t try to impose it. The fourth can bring about activity along the lines of meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices. It also tends to bring out the space cases, however, so watch for the inebriated and otherwise out-of-it, and be especially careful in traffic. The fifth sheds light on the uses of energy and power. This can stimulate a lot of activity of all kinds. Do watch for some people to try to impose their will on others, however, and deal carefully with any authority figures you come across. The sixth can be very positive for fun and enjoyment in relationships and social scenes. This is the energy that will be best to focus on. Plan some kind of unusual and stimulating activity, and don’t let some of the other energies impede. The seventh peaks tomorrow morning, but comes into focus through today. Read tomorrow’s forecast, and apply it carefully, especially later today and tonight. Be aware that the moon will be void of course from 10:18 tonight through tomorrow’s predawn.

Monday, March 28—Last night’s moon void of course period runs through today’s predawn and ends at 5:59 this morning, when the moon enters Aquarius. At that point, the energy will lift, and general moods will tend to become more independent and free-thinking. High energy from the past two days will remain with us through today. Reread and apply. Be aware of three more major energies today. The first was mentioned yesterday and is definitely of the cautionary variety. This energy sheds light on things normally kept hidden and under the surface. Secrets will be revealed, and some will not be pretty. Guard your secrets, and keep the eyes and ears open. Also, be very careful around authority, which will be dealing with its own issues. The second is a long-range, outer-planet aspect that will show up in the headlines around this time as contrasting currents in the changes going on at national and international levels. Watch as conservatism continues to try to impede and how that works out for it. The third is in bad combination with the first, and any problems with these energies one falls into can have harsher and longer-lasting consequences than at other times. This will be a day for very wise choices. Mind your own business. Good moods are there with the right choices, but with the wrong ones…

Tuesday, March 29—High energy from the past two or three days is likely to remain very much with us through today. Reread and apply carefully, paying special attention to the cautionary. People will be dealing with ongoing manifestation as well as fallout. Be kind and supportive, but don’t get involved personally to the point of getting pulled into the drama. Today’s best moods will run through the morning. Take a friendly, expansive yet disciplined approach for best results. Minor irritability and erratic emotional responses may arise in the early afternoon, but these will pass quickly for all but those still embroiled in the major cautionary energy. Pay attention to the intuitive process through the afternoon and relationships tonight.

Guy Spiro, editor of the Monthly Aspectarian magazine and Astro-Weather (, has been a professional astrologer, astrology teacher and Tarot reader for 30 years. Visit for more information.

From the March 23-29, 2011, issue

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