To the Editor: Criminals say, ‘Thank you, Lisa Madigan!’

You may remember me from a letter I wrote last December, asking all you good folks to vote for absolute gun control. As a career criminal, knowing some of my intended victims may be armed and able to defend themselves, creates a hostile work environment.

I’m pleased to say that our Attorney General Lisa Madigan has heard the call. She is trying to force the state police to give the general public access on all FOID card information.

While it’s not the outright banning of guns we requested, it is a step in the right direction. Now, my associates and I can check a neighborhood in the city directory, and cross reference it to FOID holders. No more doubts over who is an easy mark, and who isn’t.
In case you think my publishing this will give criminals ideas, they are way ahead of me.

This concept was promulgated in the weekly newsletters of the National Criminals Guild and the Association of Violent Offenders.

At the last meeting of the local chapter of Home Burglars Association, we honored Lisa for her forward, progressive thinking. We should all write to Lisa and thank her.

Dave Willis

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