To the Editor: Preserve capitalism

Since the November election, our liberal leaders have chosen to ignore the will of the voters. Although they say differently, their actions tell us they are determined to continue their relentless quest for mediocrity by taking us down the path to socialism.

With their unchecked spending, oppressive government control, and increased power to organized labor, they are destroying the capitalism that has served us so well for more than 200 years.

A society that seeks equality for everyone loses the incentive to achieve excellence. This drive to excel is what propelled our nation to greatness.

The liberal argument is that we must care for the needy. Of course, we must. However, it fails to recognize that without the motivation that a free enterprise system provides, we will see our wealth depleted, and we will be unable to care for the poor, the aged and the infirm. The result will be the rebellion and bankruptcy we are currently seeing in many European and African countries.

Rolland Westra

From the March 23-29, 2011 issue

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