Astrology: Astro-Weather, Week of April 6-12, 2011

By Guy Spiro

Week of April 6-12, 2011

Wednesday, April 6—A major energy running through today is high positive energy itself. This can be used for any good thing. People will be feeling confident and good about themselves and feel they can do anything. The only downside to this energy is some people can get carried away with it and push themselves into situations they are really not able to deal with. All of that said, the day is entirely covered by a moon void of course period, and this will put a damper on things. Along with Mercury being retrograde, there is likely to be a great deal of wheel spinning with little being accomplished. Watch for some people to just lose it as the day wears on. Things will seem as if they should be going well, but then…not so much. Keep a grip.

Thursday, April 7—The long moon void of course period that began Tuesday runs through today’s predawn and finally ends at 6:21 this morning when the moon enters Gemini. At that point, the energy will lift very noticeably, and general moods tend to become more communicative. The high positive energy from yesterday remains with us through today and becomes much more accessible once the void of course ends. Make good use of it, but do remember not to get carried away. Be aware of two more major energies. The first easily brings problems to relationships. Watch for hard, cold attitudes, erratic behavior and sudden changes. Some people will feel restricted and frustrated, and make unrealistic and unreasonable demands for change. Damage control. The second sheds light on relationships and artistic matters. This is the energy to focus on if you run into trouble with the first one. Work toward greater understanding of the best for all concerned. Minor energies are mixed, at best, and good choices are, as always, highly recommended.

Friday, April 8—Yesterday’s positive energy for relationships and artistic matters will remain with us through today. Unfortunately, the cautionary relationship energy is likely to continue to be in effect as well. This will set up some pretty clear choices. Make the right ones. Aside from major energy, the predawn is open. Take an expansive, yet disciplined, approach through most of the morning. Watch the midday for relationship issues, and this is when yesterday’s cautions will need to be heeded the most. Once past that period, the rest of the afternoon through the evening should have predominantly good moods. Have fun tonight, but be aware the moon will be void of course from 9:22 tonight through much of tomorrow, and try not to take new things too seriously once it starts.

Saturday, April 9—Last night’s moon void of course period runs through most of the daytime and finally ends at 4:01 this afternoon when the moon enters Cancer. At that point, the energy will lift very noticeably, and general moods tend to become more sensitive, protective and nurturing. Be aware of two major energies today. The first is good for looking within and coming to greater self-understanding. Learn from the past. The second peaks tomorrow, but comes into focus through today and especially tonight. This is positive relationship and social energy. Those in need of this in the relationship area will make good use of it. Have a great time tonight, but don’t push it too far.

Sunday, April 10—Late Saturday-night social scenes will be highly energized well into today’s predawn. Moods may go south, however, in the mid through late predawn, so be prepared to pack it in if you feel the tide turning. The high positive relationship and social energy remains very strong through today and on into tomorrow. Have fun with this, but read tomorrow’s forecast and apply the warnings of the cautionary energy through today and especially tonight as it will be coming into focus. Take this energy seriously.

Monday, April 11—The high positive relationship and social energy from the past two days will tend to remain with us through today. It is joined by four more major energies. The first continues the trend with positive energy for communication in relationships. This can be used for clearing up issues from the past. Just make sure the goal is healing and not scoring points or going for a win. The second is the high cautionary energy mentioned yesterday. This is one of the most dangerous energies. Beware of secret and coercive actions up to and including violence. Do not let minor disputes escalate, and under no circumstances allow yourself to be drawn into altercations with strangers. Be very careful in any situation with potential for violence. Most people will not be caught up in the worst of this, but you do not want to be among those who are. The third is very good for communication and transportation, thinking, teaching and learning. Remember that Mercury is retrograde, however, and clean up details from the past. The fourth is very good for looking within, coming to greater self-understanding and making positive changes. Again, learn from the past. Watch the early morning for a period of potential for some very bad moods. Also, be aware that the moon will be void of course from 7:04 this morning until 10:35 tonight, when the moon enters Leo. At that point, the energy will lift very noticeably, and general moods tend to become more intense and concerned with self. The void of course covers another workday, which is not good, but at least it will tend to somewhat blunt the power of the cautionary energy while it’s in effect. Be very careful nonetheless.

Tuesday, April 12—High energy from yesterday, both positive and highly cautionary, will remain with us through today. Reread and apply carefully. Another major energy comes into focus through today that is related to and in bad combination with yesterday’s cautionary. Read tomorrow’s forecast, and apply the warnings today and tonight. Minor energies are mixed. The predawn should start out with good moods, and most of the rest of it is open. Watch the late predawn into the early morning for relationship issues, but these will be brief, if they’re noticed at all. The late morning to the midday may have some erratic coercive attitudes, but these quickly give way to better moods that should run through the rest of the day and tonight for most people.

Guy Spiro, editor of the Monthly Aspectarian magazine and Astro-Weather (, has been a professional astrologer, astrology teacher and Tarot reader for 30 years. Visit for more information.

From the April 6-12, 2011 issue

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