To the Editor: Put Dr. Sheffield on administrative leave

While the departure of Mrs. Sheffield is, in my opinion, a good thing, there is still time for her to do untold damage to the district.

A thorough review of her recommendations concerning the re-assignment of administrators has yet to be completed. Do we know her motivations for these recommendations? Were they based solely on performance, or were there other reasons? By leaving her in place until the end of April, we are allowing her to continue her questionable attacks on these administrators.

The Board of Education needs to do two things:
1) Put Mrs. Sheffield on administrative leave, thereby eliminating any further harm to the district.
2) Refrain from voting on any personnel policies until the new BOE takes over.
By removing Mrs. Sheffield from the equation and putting all personnel decisions on hold, the present members of the BOE will be acting with class and dignity by helping to alleviate some of the tension and mistrust that currently exists between the community, the district staff and the administration. I

t is time for all community stakeholders to come together and start the healing process for the sake of our children above all else.

Brian Frayne

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