To the Editor: A Second term?

President Obama has announced he will be seeking a second term because he needs four more years to complete his agenda. Let’s examine how well he has done with his agenda so far.

— He has increased the national debt by nearly $4 trillion.

— He promised his first priority would be job creation, yet his $800 billion stimulus has been essentially ineffective.

— He promised transparency, then held closed-door health care reform hearings, and prohibited C-SPAN from broadcasting them.

— He rammed through an outrageous health care bill, against the will of a majority of the voters, using the most devious political means possible.

— He promised to elevate the U.S. world stature. However, his Ouija board foreign policy  and his public apologies for U.S. exceptionalism have done just the opposite.

— The price of gasoline is twice what it was when he was sworn into office.

He will enjoy a well-funded campaign, much of it financed by money from union members and millionaire liberals. Americans must realize that a continuation of the Obama agenda is unthinkable. Assuming we survive his first term, we must return to sensible government, and assure that Obama is a one-term president.

Rolland Westra

From the April 20-26, 2011 issue

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