To the Editor: Liquor law is good for freedom

Rockford’s new Sunday liquor ordinance is a victory for freedom.Personally speaking, I don’t drink for religious reasons. Regardless, I still support the right of others to drink responsibly. Allowing businesses to sell alcohol on Sunday with less restriction was the right thing to do. Rockford has respected the Constitution by discontinuing this special reverence for Sunday. I want to challenge everyone to learn the history of Blue Laws in America. Blue Laws are legalized religious standards that were established during the early formation of our nation.

Some Blue Laws seek to preserve Sunday as a day of worship by restricting shopping and the availability of certain products or services. In short, Blue Laws respect an establishment of religion and violate the First Amendment of the Constitution. Christians should note that Blue Laws fulfill biblical prophecy.

In the book of Revelation, the Bible teaches that before the return of Christ to the world, a nation which fits the description of America will give power to a religious authority and restrict people’s ability to buy or sell based on a religious code enforced by persecution. It is time—especially for Christians, to think about the time at hand.

Andre Weston

From the April 27-May 3, 2011 issue

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