To the Editor: What does League of Women Voters have to do with mega-dairy?

The League of Women Voters prides itself on being a fair, nonpartisan group. So exactly why IS the Jo Daviess County League taking on mega-dairy issues?

If you are going to have Warren Goetsch from the Illinois Department of Agriculture as a guest speaker, who knew the topography at Bos’ site and permitted it, one would think that another geologist would be called in for balance. If you are going to have John Oncken from Wisconsin, a CAFO dairy advocate and writer of such, why not have Pete Hardin of the Milk Weed or Lynn Henning, a lifelong dairy farmer from Michigan, there to give balance? Why isn’t one of our very own Jo Daviess Organic Valley milk producers involved? Marcia Willhite is from the Chief Bureau of Water Illinois EPA. Why not include Rick Dove or Art Norris from the Waterkeepers? John Ikerd, professor emeritus of agricultural economics, is a perfect match to balance Jim Endress, an Extension educator.

I’m cautious as to the rationale of their specific hand-picked guest speakers. Is this a re-packaged, re-wrapped, with a “New and Improved Industrial Farming” label event? Is it just another way of a political channel being used and manipulated to proceed and expand industrial farming in northwest Illinois? Are these speakers just here to tell us, “This is the permitting process, trust us, don’t worry, we know what we are doing”? I’m sure you do. Also, exactly who is this attorney that will be editing comments?

Vicky Grizzoffi
Galena, Ill.

From the May 11-17, 2011 issue

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