Baseball: White Sox’s take on ‘all in’ not what many imagined

By S.C. Zuba
Sports Columnist

Remember when the White Sox said they were “all in”?

What exactly were they all in for? All in for last place? All in for taking the first month of the season off? All in the toilet?

Whatever they meant, they certainly aren’t playing as anyone expected. As of Sunday, May 8, the White Sox, 13-22, owned the worst record in Major League Baseball.

It’s one thing when your team is at the bottom of the division (or the league) when hopes are low, but coming into the 2011 season, the White Sox were thought to be contenders. Heck, some even picked the White Sox to win it all. A month into this season, however, it seems as though the White Sox will be lucky to finish .500.

At this point, there are few bright spots on the South Side. The starting pitching has been atrocious, the bullpen is falling apart, and the offense can’t get a hit to save its life. After 35 games, a team that was expected to rip the cover off the ball is batting a combined .243.

Remember when newly-acquired Adam Dunn was supposed to supply all that power to the middle of our order? Well, so far, the only contribution Dunn has made is to the visiting pitcher’s strikeout totals. Through 28 games, Dunn has 36 strikeouts with a batting average of .167. In 96 at-bats, Dunn only has seven extra-base hits—with just three homers.

I may not know much about baseball, but I think you want your designated hitter to have a higher batting average than his weight.

It’s no secret things have been rough for the White Sox so far—and I haven’t even touched on the worst part.

Remember when the White Sox were no-hit at home? That’s right, at home. It’s one thing to be no-hit on the road. I mean, that’s not acceptable, but certainly more understandable than being no-hit at home. Not to mention the fact that it was by the Twins.


Is it just me or is manager Ozzie Guillen’s seat on fire at this point?

It seems to me something needs to change, or Guillen might be “all in” for finding a new home in a few months.

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From the May 11-17, 2011 issue

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