Renewable Energy: Frantz Manufacturing goes green with revamped factory lighting

Staff Report

A completely new lighting system was recently installed at Frantz Manufacturing Company’s Bearing Division plant that is expected to reduce electricity usage by 96,000 Kwh or 60 percent annually.

The original lighting system, installed during the plant’s construction in 1971, consisted of 400W Twin Mercury and 400W Sodium Vapor lamps along with older style T12 fluorescent tubes in the office areas. A total of 428 fixtures were replaced with higher technology GE T8 H1 LUMEN fluorescent tubes and ULTRA MAX HP ballasts mounted in fixtures from Precision Paragon (

In addition to the annual 60 percent electricity cost savings that are being realized, the illumination on the factory floor has been dramatically improved, which has improved productivity and further promoted quality awareness. The environmental impact of the project is calculated to be 63 tons of CO2, removed from the environment annually. This is environmental equivalent to 18 acres of planted trees, 16 cars removed from the road, 7,938 gallons of gas saved, and 189 barrels of oil saved, based upon PA Government Services Inc. methodology for Focus on Energy programs.

Frantz participated in ComEd’s Smart Ideas for Your Business program, which provided incentives for investment in energy savings technology. Partners for consulting and installation included Avent Energy Solutions ( of Roscoe, Ill., and Engel Electric ( of Sterling, Ill.

For further information about Frantz Manufacturing Company, 3201 W. LeFevre Road, Sterling, IL 61081, visit:

For more information about this project, please contact the Frantz Manufacturing Company, Jim Batten, Maintenance and Tool Room supervisor, (815) 625-7063.

From the May 18-24, 2011 issue

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