NATO pounds 8 Libyan warships, border battles continue

May 20, 2011

Online Staff Report

Eight Libyan warships in Tripoli, Al-Khums and Sirte were hammered by NATO jets Thursday night to stop Moammar Gadhafi’s forces from launching attacks on civilians.

Spokesmen said Friday Gadhafi has been mining waters in Misrata to cease humanitarian aid to the area.

Moammar Gadhafi

“These were legal targets,” Mike Bracken, NATO’s military spokesman said at a briefing in Belgium.”He was using maritime forces to lay mines.”

It is not known if crew members on any of Gadhafi’s ships were killed, however; Bracken said the campaign is keeping the troubled leader significantly at bay.

Meanwhile, Libyan forces continue to force thousands of refugees from the Tunisian border, closing the crossing at Dehiba, where humanitarian efforts are being hampered.

The International Medical Corps has multiple teams in Tunisia and Libya and are also being met with militants in Chad and Sudan. Near Chad, fighting has increased over supplies meant for Libyan forces.

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