To the Editor: Protect clean water from factory farms

Please support the Clean Water Funding Fairness Bill and take action today!

Please contact your state representative and state senator immediately and ask them to support the Clean Water Funding Fairness Bill (S.B. 1682—Rep. Tryon)

This bill will protect clean water by ensuring that factory farms—or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)—fund their share of Illinois’ Clean Water Act program, rather than shift their costs to other industries or taxpayers.

Currently, all pollution dischargers, from the largest industries to the smallest villages, have to pay an annual permit fee, except for CAFOs. The Illinois EPA uses these fees to fund its regulatory program.

Despite the massive wastes generated by CAFOs, and their terrible record of environmental damage, including fish kills, CAFOs have been exempt from paying their fair share of the costs associated with monitoring and preventing pollution discharges.

This bill will not affect traditional family farms and will only require the largest polluting animal factories to pay their fair share of regulatory expenses. This bill is endorsed by the Illinois EPA and by numerous state environmental groups including the Illinois Citizens for Clean Air & Water.

Organic Consumers Association
and Danielle Diamond, Attorney
Illinois Citizens for Clean Air & Water
Crystal Lake, IL

From the May 25-31, 2011 issue

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