Astrology: Astro-Weather, Week of June 1-7, 2011

By Guy Spiro

Week of June 1-7, 2011

Wednesday, June 1—Today is new moon day. It is exact at 4:02 this afternoon. Remember that what you start at around new moon brings results at the next full moon. This new moon and the coming full moon are eclipsed, which tends to intensify them. This particular new to full period is best used for increasing self-discipline and improving relations with authority, as well as anything having to do with communication and transportation. Things to be especially careful with are secrets and coercive activities, relationships involving sexuality, and those prone to overdoing recreational substances and the otherwise out-of-it. Yesterday’s high positive energy remains very much with us through today, so reread and make good use of it, but do be careful with another of today’s major energies that easily leads to the exposure of secrets. Guard yours carefully, and keep the eyes and ears open, as there will be much to learn about others. Make the right choices, and enjoy the intensity of the day. But make the wrong ones, and suffer both today and at the full moon.

Thursday, June 2—Consider the new moon and all of the attendant energies to remain very much with us through today. Make wise choices and only positive new beginnings. Be aware of four more major enerties. The first is very positive for anything involving communication, transportation, thinking, teaching and learning. Make good use of it. The second indicates a general shift in thinking and communication patterns toward an enhanced mode. This is Mercury entering its own sign, Gemini, this afternoon, where it remains until the 16th, when it enters Cancer. The third emphasizes relationships and takes them to deeper levels. There may be a heavy and potentially coercive sexuality, however, and while this can be fun for some, it can be troubling or even dangerous for others. Protect the vulnerable. The fourth brings out the space-cases. Watch for the inebriated and otherwise out-of-it, and be especially careful in traffic.

Friday, June 3—It will be a good idea to consider the new moon and its related and attendant energies to remain with us through today. All of yesterday’s high energy, both positive and cautionary, will remain active as well. Make good use of the energy for beneficial activity in the areas of communication, transportation, thinking, teaching and learning. Do continue to deal carefully in the realm of relationships, especially if sexuality is involved. Sensitivity is likely to be called for. Be especially careful of the spacey energy, which will be the strongest of the lingering energy. Those appearing not to have both beaters in the batter probably do not. Continue to be especially careful in traffic. A very short moon void of course period occurs this morning from 3:07 until 3:35 when the moon enters Cancer. At that point, the energy will shift, and general moods tend to become more sensitive, protective and nurturing. Minor energies are mixed. Today’s best moods are likely to run through the late predawn to the early morning. Watch for minor aggressive attitudes following that, and the late morning has a period of erratic emotional reactions. Minor coerciveness may arise in the late afternoon, relationship issues into the early evening and hard attitudes into the late night. Sidestep these and have a good time. Indulge in them and…

Saturday, June 4—Late Friday-night party people who hang on long enough into today’s predawn will be rewarded with improving moods. A major energy running through today is very positive for communication and transportation, especially where electricity and electronic media are involved. This energy is also very good for anything related to science, technology and magic. It is good for fun, unusual and stimulating activities. Make use of this energy, whatever your approach to it is. This will be a high-energy social Saturday night, but read tomorrow’s forecast to be aware of significant cautionary energy that will begin to roll in through today and especially tonight. Also, be aware that the moon will be void of course from 12:32 tonight through most of tomorrow morning, and try not to take new things too seriously once it starts.

Sunday, June 5—Late Saturday-night social scenes will be highly energized into today’s predawn, with good moods early on. A moon void of course period, however, will occur from 12:32 until 10:02 this morning, when the moon enters Leo. At that point, the energy will lift noticeably, and general moods tend to become more intense and concerned with self. Be aware of four major energies today, all of the cautionary persuasion. The first can bring problems to relationships, especially where people fall prey to feelings of restriction, limitation and frustration. Avoid hard, cold attitudes. With the second, you will want to watch for erratic and bizarre behavior of all kinds and beware of irrational violence, freak accidents and electrical fires. The third easily brings about the exposure of things normally kept hidden and beneath the surface in sudden and unexpected ways. Keep your eyes and ears open, as there may be much to learn. This energy indicates problems in communication and transportation where some people become snarky, sarcastic and fall into just plain nasty attitudes. The fourth has a positive edge, but easily leads to overconfidence, inflated egos and general getting carried away with oneself. These are not the strongest forms of these energies, but they do combine to make quite a cautionary stew. Minor energies are not a lot of help. Make very good choices throughout the day.

Monday, June 6—High energy from yesterday will tend to remain very much with us through today. Reread and apply the warnings carefully. This being a workday, you will want to be especially careful with the third and fourth energies from yesterday. Watch your mouth and your attitude, and be very aware during any interactions with bosses or other authority figures. Aside from the major energy, the predawn through the early afternoon has the best moods. Take a friendly yet disciplined approach from the late predawn through the morning, and enjoy the midday into the mid-afternoon. Minor scattered irritability occurs from the mid to late afternoon through the late night. Watch for spaciness, erratic emotional responses and aggressive attitudes capped off by coerciveness into tomorrow’s predawn. Choose wisely.

Tuesday, June 7—Be aware of two major energies today. The first can be very good for anything involving communication and transportation. Take a disciplined yet expansive approach, and much may be accomplished. This energy is also excellent for negotiation and coming to long-term agreement. The second takes relationships to deeper levels and can involve transformations. However, there may be a strong and potentially coercive sexuality to this, and while all of this can work well and be fun for some, it can be unsettling and even dangerous for others. While this is not the strongest form of this energy, deal carefully with it and protect the vulnerable nonetheless. Be aware of and work around today’s moon void of course period, which runs from 10:26 this morning until 2:32 this afternoon, when the moon enters Virgo. At that point, the energy will lift vey noticeably, and general moods tend to become more discerning and concerned with detail. Minor energies are mixed.

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From the June 1-7, 2011 issue

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