Bilderberg Group meeting set for June 9-12 in Switzerland

Staff Report

An ultra-secret meeting of approximately 120 elite politicians, businessmen, military officials, royalty and bankers is taking place in St. Moritz, Switzerland, June 9-12. The group has met at luxury resorts around the world annually since 1954.

Largely dismissed as a figment of the imagination of conspiracy theorists, the Bilderberg Group has slowly been getting more mainstream attention. Last year, the Drudge Report posted several links to European newspapers covering the event, but coverage on the mainstream television networks, newspapers and newsmagazines in the United States has been astonishingly nonexistent.

“Each year, the G-20 and G8 forums take place [and] it’s top news around the world, but every single year, the Bilderberg Group meets, and there is barley a mention,” said Mark Dice, who wants major news outlets to report about the Bilderberg meeting.

Dice is an independent conservative and the author of several books, including the Illuminati: Facts and Fiction, which analyzes the various conspiracy theories surrounding elite secret societies and private organizations such as the Bilderberg Group.

From the June 8-14, 2011 issue

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