Evolve Dance Company stages local competition online

By Susan Johnson
Copy Editor

Evolve Dance Company will be vying for your vote in an online competition to represent a dance competition called The Rainbow Connection. Evolve Dance Company, in Brynwood Square at Spring Creek and Mulford roads, has been participating in this event since June 2005.

Jenny Vause, co-owner and artistic director of Evolve Dance, told The Rock River Times about the original competition that won them a place on the ballot. “It wasn’t held in the Rockford area,” she said. “We have gone to different competitions in St. Charles, Peoria, Aurora, Naperville, Wheeling, Ill., Davenport, Iowa—mainly the Chicago suburbs.”

She explained that the judges in this competition picked one they felt was outstanding to receive the Federation Choice Award.

“There are lots of different studios attending each competition in each city,” she said. “They pick the one dance team that they felt was most entertaining.” That one is placed on their website.

TRRT: Who is eligible to vote?

Vause: Anyone old enough to go online may vote.

TRRT: How can people vote for you?

Vause: Go to the website www.sdcdance.com, find the Rainbow Connection link, and search for Evolve Dance Company.

TRRT: What are the awards or prizes?

Vause: If we get the largest amount of votes on the video on the website, we will represent Rainbow Connection in Dallas, Texas, Aug. 7 and 8. The voting takes place June 14 to 18.

Anyone who would like to see the dance live in Rockford, go to Maddox Theater in Rockford College. Evolve Dance Company will be performing at 7 p.m., Saturday, June 11. Tickets are $15 for adults and $12 for those age 18 and younger. The box office number is (815) 226-4100, open Monday-Thursday.

From the June 8-14, 2011 issue

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