Horse Racing Quiz No. 2

By Susan Johnson
Copy Editor

The original Horse Racing Quiz ran in the June 5-11, 2002, issue and was repeated in 2009. This new quiz branches out a bit, and some questions may have more than one right answer. It’s a horse of a different color—so sharpen your pencils!

1. The Nez Perce, led by Chief Joseph in 1877, were trying to outrun Gen. Oliver Howard in a race to freedom in Canada. They nearly made it and were captured 60 miles from the border. What type of horses were they riding?

a) Mustangs; b) Pintos; c) Appaloosas; d)Andalusians; e) Percherons

2. Which jockey won two of the Triple Crown races one year on two different horses?

a) Bill Shoemaker; b) Pat Day; c) Ron Turcotte; d) Calvin Borel; e) Gary Stevens

3. Which Kentucky Derby winner came to a tragic end, being slaughtered for meat?

a) Whirlaway; b) Ferdinand; c) Majestic Prince; d) Kauai King; e) Arts and Letters

4. Which horse was declared a Kentucky Derby winner after the actual winner tested positive for phenylbutazone?

a) Forward Pass; b) Damascus; c) Nashua; d) Proud Clarion; e) Foolish Pleasure

5. Thoroughbreds run in the Triple Crown and various stakes races. What other horse breeds compete in races in this country?

a) Andalusians; b) Belgians; c) Quarter Horses; d) Standardbreds; e) Appaloosas

6. Secretariat, 1973 Triple Crown winner, was conceived by artificial insemination of frozen sperm from which sire?

a) Bold Ruler; b) Gallant Man; c) Count Fleet; d) Nashua; e) Citation

7. A horse that has yet to win a race is said to be waiting to break his:

a) leg; b) record; c) office; d) handicap; e) maiden

8. They’re noted not for running but for performing highly-skilled feats of dressage. During World War II, they found themselves in a race for survival when advancing Russian forces were an imminent threat. But the Germans in their homeland reached an agreement with Gen. George Patton, and the horses became protected wards of the U.S. government. Which breed are they?

a) Friesian; b) Lipizzaner; c) Morab; d) French Camargue; e) Oldenburg

9. Which stakes race was renamed in honor of a much-beloved race horse of modern times?

a) Ruffian Invitational; b) Secretariat Stakes; c) Sir Barton Stakes; d) Lady’s Secret; e) Man O’War Stakes

10. Which of the following would not be considered a Kentucky Derby prep race?

a) Arkansas Derby; b) Florida Derby; c) Santa Anita Derby; d) Breeder’s Cup; e) Bluegrass Stakes

From the June 8-14, 2011 issue

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