To the Editor: Debate to consider America’s economic future

A debate about America’s future between Ulysses S. Arn and Kim MacCloskey will be held on Saturday, July 2, beginning at 12:30 in the afternoon in the auditorium of the Rockford Public Library, 215 N. Wyman St.

The 2012 budget plan of Congressman Paul Ryan offers each of us a clear choice about the direction this nation will go in the decades ahead. One is literally a path to prosperity; the other is a path that will lead to a “debt crisis, no health and retirement security, a diminished future, a stagnant country, less jobs, less prosperity.”

In this time of $14.3 trillion in national debt and a projected 2011 deficit of $1.65 trillion, we have only two ways to go, and that is to continue with the massive amounts of spending or doing the fiscally responsible thing and stop spending.

With 14 and-a-half-million people unemployed nationally, an unemployment rate of 9 percent and anemic GDP growth of 1.8 percent, either we get used to that being the new normal, or we try unleashing our free enterprise economy by lowering individual, investment and corporate taxes.

In 13 years, Medicare goes bankrupt; we have to make reforms to it and our other entitlement programs in order to make them solvent. The entitlement reforms like in the Ryan plan need to be implemented and soon, ultimately limiting government’s involvement in them and increasing the people’s power over their own health and retirement futures, or those programs go away for everyone, period.

“We have a choice of two futures.” Which future do you choose for yourself and generations not yet born?

Ulysses S. Arn
Ashton, Ill.

One thought on “To the Editor: Debate to consider America’s economic future

  • Jun 10, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    Sorry Ulysses, Kim MacCloskey is so far out of touch with reality that I wouldn’t step accross the street to hear his blather, much less downtown.

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