Astro-Weather: Week of June 15-21, 2011

Editor’s note: Guy Spiro’s “Astro-Weather” column will no longer appear in The Rock River Times after this issue. Readers can continue to follow Spiro’s forecasts online at and The Rock River Times thanks Spiro for sharing his daily forecasts with our readers over the past year.

By Guy Spiro

Week of June 15-21, 2011

Wednesday, June 15—Today is full moon day. It is exact at 3:14 this afternoon. Remember that full moons are always high energy and deserve to be approached with respect. There was very high energy, both positive and cautionary, at the last new moon, and results from choices made then will be manifesting. High energy, of both persuasions, also surrounds the full moon, so read the past two days and the next two days, and remember all energies will be exaggerated by it. Be aware of a relatively short moon void of course period tonight running from 10:31 until 12:59, when the moon enters Capricorn. At that point, the energy will shift, and general moods tend to become more practical and concerned with accomplishment.

Thursday, June 16—Consider the full moon period to run very strongly through today and on through tomorrow. All of the high energy surrounding it will also remain active. Reread the past few days and apply, taking today’s and tomorrow’s major energies into account as well. Be aware of two more major energies today. The first indicates a general shift in thinking and communication patterns toward a more sensitive and protective mode. This is Mercury entering Cancer this afternoon, where it remains until it enters Leo, late on July 2 or early on July 3, depending on your time zone. The second major energy is very positive for thinking and communicating along spiritual lines. This energy is excellent for meditation, prayer or any other spiritual pursuit. Be open to the intuitive process, listen for the still, small voice, and pay attention to dreams. Good moods will run from the end of last night’s void of course through the predawn. A brief period of erratic emotional responses may occur in the mid-morning. Keep an eye out for a period of relationship issues in the late afternoon, but this will pass quickly if you don’t let it get out of hand. Watch the evening for hard attitudes and the late night for more relationship issues.

Friday, June 17—Remember to consider the full moon and all of the attendant high energies to remain with us through today. Reread the past few days and apply carefully. Be aware of two more major energies today. The first is great for any activity involving communication and transportation. It is in very positive combination with yesterday’s energy, so redouble your efforts along spiritual lines. Make the best possible use of this, whether spiritual or mundane. The second is great for strengthening and solidifying relationships. Make a positive gesture in an appropriate situation, and it may very well be reciprocated. Just be sure of the appropriateness, and back off if it does not go according to plan. This will be a very high-energy social Friday night. Have fun, but remember all of the cautions of this period.

Saturday, June 18—Late Friday-night social scenes will be very highly energized well into today’s predawn. Some minor erratic irritability may arise, but that will be brief, if it’s noticed at all. Do be aware that the moon will be void of course from 3:07 until 6:47 this morning, when the moon enters Aquarius. At that point, the energy will shift, and general moods tend to become more independent and free-thinking. High positive energy from yesterday will remain with us through today. Reread and plan to make the best possible use of it. However, another major energy today is more cautionary. Watch for problems in communication and transportation, especially where electricity and electronic media are involved. This energy also brings out the nutballs, so if you see someone who seems a nugget short of a Happy Meal, they probably are. Be on the lookout for erratic and bizarre behavior of all kinds, and be especially careful in traffic. Minor energies are mixed, but good moods should be dominant. This will be another high-energy social Saturday night. Have a great time, but remember the cautions.

Sunday, June 19—Late Saturday-night party situations should be positively energized through as much of the predawn as most people will want to go. Have fun, but remember yesterday’s cautionary energy and extend it through today. Another major cautionary energy today is related to yesterday’s, and deepens it. This energy stimulates secret and perhaps coercive activities, and can easily bring about their exposure. Be aware of motives, yours as well as others. Guard your secrets and keep your eyes and ears open, as there may be much to learn about others. Minor energies are of little to no help through the day, and good choices will be needed.

Monday, June 20—Extend the cautions involving communication and transportation and the exposure of secrets through today because of a related major energy tomorrow that keeps the complex going on into Wednesday. Read tomorrow’s forecast, and apply that caution through today as well. Another major energy today indicates a general shift in the uses of energy and power toward a more thoughtful and communicative mode. This is Mars entering Gemini, where it remains until it enters Cancer Aug. 3. Brief periods of minor irritability may occur in the early predawn and early morning, but they will likely pass unnoticed, and the predawn through the morning is otherwise open. Good moods roll in from the midday through the early afternoon. A short moon void of course period arises this afternoon from 3:23 until 3:45 when the moon enters Pisces. At that point, the energy will shift, and general moods tend to become somewhat more mellow, perhaps a bit spacey as well as spiritual. Good moods come back through the late night. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 21—Be aware of three major energies today. The first is the sun’s entry into the cardinal water sign Cancer at 12:16 this afternoon. This is the summer solstice, and the beginning of the first third of the summer season. Now is the time for an examination of the major projects begun back at the vernal equinox last March and making necessary adjustments. The second is the cautionary energy connected to the ones from Saturday and Sunday. This energy easily brings problems to communication and transportation, especially where people run into limitation, restriction and frustration. Foolish acting out on this can bring harsher and longer-lasting consequences than at other times. Combined with those of the past few days, there will be some people primed to run seriously afoul of all of this. Don’t be one of them. The third is also highly cautionary. Watch for the potential for a spacey and perhaps drug- or alcohol-fueled violence. Be very careful around water, hot and caustic liquids and gases, and any explosive material or situations. Confusion in the uses of energy and power are likely. Most people won’t be caught up in the worst of this, but you do not want to be among them. Good moods from late last night will tend to run through today’s predawn and into the midday. If things seem to sour out after that, then lie low and ride it out. Be aware the moon will be void of course from 9:51 tonight through all of tomorrow.

Guy Spiro, editor of the Monthly Aspectarian magazine and Astro-Weather (, has been a professional astrologer, astrology teacher and Tarot reader for 30 years. Visit for more information. The monthly Astro-Weather overview is available online at

From the June 15-21, 2011 issue

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