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Millennium Fountain misused by visitors

Millennium Fountain—

Have you been down there lately (located along the river on Water Street)??? If not, here is what you have to look forward to…

1. Garbage everywhere (food trash, cigarette butts, dirty diapers, etc.)

2. People urinating in the bushes

3. Children climbing the slippery rocks, jumping off the bridge and wading at the bottom of the waterfall (all of which are not allowed per POSTED ordinance). Sometimes, the parents aren’t even there! They just drop the kids off…

4. “Music” blaring from car stereos (Rockford DOES have a noise ordinance)

5. People blocking the street

6. Destroyed landscaping

7. Women washing their kids’ dirty bottoms in the fountain (can you say “Health Department”?)

8. People breeding their pit bulls in full public view

9. Women “pleasuring” themselves in the jets

10. At dusk, it’s a public shower (complete with shampoo and soap)

This is a PUBLIC PARK, people—NOT your own private “ghetto water park”! If you want to behave ignorantly, do it in your OWN backyard!!

There are RULES & LAWS that govern decent public behavior. Behave like responsible adults. Teach your children the rules. Monitor your children.

It’s time to take a stand. Call the City ((815) 966-2900) or Park District (815) 987-8874 or (815) 289-0711) police EVERY TIME you see a violation and DEMAND that the LAWS be enforced. You can also write to Alderman Doug Mark (DouglasMark@rockfordil.gov).

Jackie Gonzalez


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