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If your bathroom remodel includes plans to open the walls and you’re already paying for labor costs, you can include a quality steam shower system for as little as $1,700. Starting at about the size of a briefcase, generators from Mr. Steam fit neatly inside a closet, under a bench or inside a vanity. They can be positioned up to 60 feet from the steam shower enclosure itself, even on another floor.

The quality of the steam room generator is critical to long-term, hassle-free enjoyment. As with any major investment for your home, durability counts, so look for industrial-grade components. Follow the following five tips for buying the best steam room generator.

1. Look for “intelligent” steam generators that operate from a single platform that can be quickly and easily upgraded with plug-and-play technologies — instead of bulky, expensive add-ons — for enhancements such as music, aroma and color therapies. Controls should be simple and intuitive for both user and installer, easy to program and easy to read.

2. Insist on a system with industrial-grade heating elements and other heavy-duty components. Such a system will deliver the most reliable performance over the life of the product, especially if you live in a hard-water area.

3. Spend more time steaming than cleaning. Look for systems that drain the steam-shower generator after each use to avoid calcium buildup. This type of system automatically delivers clean steam every time.

4. Check for certification by a respected, independent agency, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

5. Ask about system diagnostics, and be sure the heating elements of the steam generator can be serviced separately, rather than replacing the entire steam generator.

Best of all, a home steam shower delivers tangible wellness benefits, recognizable to everyone who has ever used a vaporizer to facilitate breathing or draped a towel over a steaming pot of water for deep facial cleansing. For more information, visit

From the July 6-12, 2011, issue

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