To the Editor: Pro-CAFO articles are ‘Thought Reform’ for the masses

The latest pro-CAFO articles are nothing more than Thought Reform. Titles and phrases such as “Seminar was good first step” and “Our farmers feed the world” is step one: Milieu Control. Every week I read [Rep.-89th Dist.] Jim Sacia’s letter of Mystical Manipulation and laugh at his Demand for Purity. You’ll never get me to confess! The Sacred Science of industrial farming has proven yet again catastrophic by the [Dubuque, Iowa] Telegraph Herald’s story, Monday, June 20, 2011, of last week’s fish kill. The Iowa DNR determined it originated at an open lot hog and cattle operation near Peosta owned by Wayne Demmer, who also happens to be chairman of the Dubuque County Board of Supervisors. He has one of those state-of-the-art manure systems that we keep hearing about, and it still failed. Just another 10-mile fish kill on the Whitewater Creek. Iowa DNR seems to have their act together. I hope they keep us posted and follow through with investigations and enforcements. Are you listening, Wisconsin and Illinois? Ah, but the naysayers will tell you that this is nothing but Loading the Language. No matter how much proof of pollution, corruption and greed, Doctrine Over Person will continue. Dispensing of Existence by pitting small farmer up against industrial agriculture would make a great re-educational training program. The Khmer Rouge would be proud of these good old boys.

I remain optimistic. Call it complaining, but I will continue to speak up, speak out, for I have a right to protect my home. Having the Illinois Pollution Control Board hearings in Chicago would be a great way for farmers to meet the people who enjoy their product. Realize, without them, the consumer, what would your product be worth? We wouldn’t want hearings here in Jo Daviess that may attract thousands of thugs traipsing around CAFOs asking questions and taking pictures.

Yes, livestock is good for Illinois. Just not all in one spot. The farmers who live on their land and practice techniques that do no harm are the finest environmentalists in the world. Not some dude who lives in a gated community playing golf all day and collecting federal subsidies, while underpaid workers are becoming sick, neighbors are being poisoned, and municipalities are left bankrupt.

Vicky Grizzoffi
Galena, Ill.

From the July 6-12, 2011, issue

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