Sen. Syverson should be held accountable for remarks

Recently, Senator Dave Syverson decided to post a joke on his (publicly viewable) Facebook wall. The joke, in full, reads as follows:

“Father/Daughter Talk… My daughter just walked into the room and said, ‘Dad, cancel my allowance, rent my room out, throw all my clothes out, take my TV, iPhone, Ipod, and my laptop. Please take all of my jewelry. Then sell my car, take my house key. And then write me out of your will.’

“Well, she didn’t put it quite like that… she actually said… ‘Dad, this is my new boyfriend, Mohammed from Iran.’”

Now, I realize that this was meant as a “joke” and is thus protected by First Amendment, but that by no means makes wanton, public bigotry morally correct coming from anyone, let alone a public official. Does the senator forget that he, as the representative of Illinois’ 34th District, represents Christians, Jews, Muslims and everyone in between? He just might even represent a “Mohammed from Iran.”  I hope I’m not alone in speaking out against wanton bigotry and demanding that the State Senator answer for his comments.

Offended and ashamed,

Michael S. Lindvall
Georgetown University
Walsh School of Foreign Service
Class of 2013

From the July 13-19, 2011 issue

One thought on “Sen. Syverson should be held accountable for remarks

  • Jul 14, 2011 at 8:55 am


    Yes, I have been personally attacked. September 11, 2001, 3,000 of my fellow citizens were brutally murdered by psych-muslims.

    Yes, that was an attack on me personally. You and Michael are whats wrong with this country. You are willing to let your “political correctness” turn you into cowardly wimps.

    I’d rather die fighting for my freedom then live life as a slave to Islam. Islam and Muslims are a throwback to the 12th century. Their backwards culture is starting to infect our country like a disease. We are reading about wives and daughters beheaded because the family patriarch decided that they should be. In New Jersey, a lower court refused to grant a restraining order to a woman who was sexually assaulted by her husband, on the grounds that he was muslim, and Sharia law allows him to do anything he wants to his wife. Thank God (yes, the Christian God), a higher court rejected this insanity. Nonetheless, it is happening more and more.

    Even our supreme courts leftist members are referencing decisions from European Courts as taking precedence over our Constitution.

    We are fighting a cultural war. If left up to you and Michael, I am sure we would lose and live our lives as slaves to Islam.

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