Spending disaster

Obama is hinting that he needs another stimulus package because the $787 billion package designed to create jobs did not go far enough. The Obama administration claims 2 million jobs from the first stimulus package. Actually, there were just over 142 million people working when he took office, and there are now approximately 139.8 million employed. This is a loss of 2,320,000 jobs. This is not the first time the administration math has been flawed. However, if we take his word for it and calculate the cost of these alleged 2 million jobs, we find the American taxpayer has paid $393,500 for each job created. This is a high price to pay for real or phantom jobs.

Obama has increased the national debt by nearly $4 trillion during his administration. This money has done almost nothing to improve our economy or our quality of life. He has tried to convince the American taxpayer that increased spending is necessary and in our best interest. More spending requires increasing taxes and raising the national debt ceiling. This deceitful approach designed to expand the size of government is a disaster in the making. Our future is at stake in the 2012 election.

Rolland Westra

From the July 13-19, 2011 issue

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