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By Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz, N.D.
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

It is the summer, and summers always remind me of camp, so I thought it was very appropriate for a colon hydrotherapy boot camp.

I am always doing cleanses because of my cancer story. It is nothing for my staff and I to alternate between liver cleanses, yeast cleanses, blood cleanses and parasite cleanses. Why do we think that we are so special that we do not have to take control of our health as we do our vehicles? If we treated our vehicles as we treat our bodies, we would have to buy a new vehicle every year. But why do we not? I personally remember buying my first car, and I was told that every 3,000 miles you have to change the oil. To this day, I will not allow myself to go over 3,000 miles. It is too bad that we are not educated on our health. We are not educated on cleanses, we are not educated on the importance of fasting, we are not educated even on nutrition and the quality of good food.

We are only as healthy as our internal terrain. I just recently went to Chicago for some continuing educational classes. This class was on cleanses and the importance of good bacteria. We all know the importance of having enough good bacteria in our small and large intestines, but do you know that when you walk into a hospital, you should make sure that you take as many as 12 probiotics before you even step foot through the front door? I have always shared with my patients that the secret to good intestinal health is probiotics, but the secret to weight loss is a good probiotic.

When you do a three- to five- or seven-day boot camp, you not only clean your large intestine, but you clean the hepatic reflex, which is the liver/gallbladder/bile duct area, and you clean the splenic reflex, which is the spleen/pancreas/adrenal area. Colon hydrotherapy is a process of cleaning the large intestine with warm water. This warm water relaxes the large intestine and removes what we have consumed if it becomes compacted and stored. If what we consume is not removed, it becomes toxic and will create constipation, bloating and gas. Eating a diet of raw foods and drinking plenty of water is just one way to assist in proper elimination. Undigested foods tend to get trapped on the walls of the colon, and this is what I believe causes disease.

What are the benefits of doing a three- to five- or seven-day boot camp? The boot camps consist of a daily cleanse that cleanses the blood, liver, lymph, kidney and parasites. There is a specific diet that you will follow for three to five or seven days, along with a series of colonics, infrared sauna and hyper-thermic chamber. Here are the benefits of each:

Colon Hydrotherapy

1. Weight loss. Do you realize that if you are eating three to five meals a day and you are not removing your fecal matter daily, this is causing your weight gain?

2. If you are having lower back pain, draw an invisible line from your lower back pain to the front of your body and see what is on the opposite side. Your belly.

3. Stored fecal matter causes headaches, fatigue and depression.

4. Improves your peristalsis motion of the large intestine

5. Your skin will become radiant!

6. Decreases gas and bloat

7. Relieves constipation and diarrhea

8. Increases energy and supports the immune system (do you know that 70 percent of your immune system is in your large intestine?)

9. Eliminates the use of that godawful drink that you have to drink before the colonoscopy

Infrared Sauna Therapy

What are the benefits while doing the boot camp?

1. It provides all of the benefits of a 30-minute jog.

2. Promotes relaxation

3. Burns body fat

4. Detoxifies the skin

5. Nourishes the skin

6. Increases heart rate

7. Increases blood flow

8. Flushes out the toxins

Hyper-Thermic Chamber

1. This chamber opens up the pores of your skin and allows oxidized steam to be absorbed.

2. Slows down the aging of our cells

3. Helps with aches and pains

4. Boosts energy levels

5. Boosts immune system

6. Supports your lungs for better breathing

7. Floods the body with oxygen, which relieves depression

8. Improves physical endurance

9. Burns more than 500 calories per session

10. Detoxifies

11. Rejuvenates

After doing the boot camp, you can then take your health to another level and incorporate the HCG protocol. This protocol will pull stored fat out of the body and high levels of estrogen. I of all people know abut high level of estrogen, for this is a direct link to breast cancer. This protocol will take your health to a whole other level. Let the new you shine while you take control of your destiny. Your health is in your hands, and if you do not take care of your health through education and cleanses, you will end up with devastating disease that may not be able to be reversed.

Dr. Julia is a Naturopathic Doctor and the owner and operator of Dr. Julia’s Inn located in Rockford. Eleven years ago when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she could not do the devastating effects of  chemical therapy and radiation. Her specialty is colon hydrotherapy and educating people on eating good quality foods and detoxing. Call her office at (815) 962-3326 to make your appointment for this summer boot camp.

From the July 20-26, 2011 issue

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  • Aug 27, 2014 at 8:37 pm

    Dr Julia, after reading your article, I wonder if this therapy can help cleanse the blood. Was recently diagnosed with CLL and it has become aggressive.

    what is the cost for this treatment?

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