Dr. Julia’s Inn: How much is your health worth?

Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz, N.D.

By Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz, N.D.

Last week, three clients came to see me whom I had not seen since 2008. All three of these clients had shared with me back then that now that they were retired, they would have to stop seeing me because I was so expensive. I remember looking at all of them and saying: “Expensive? You come every three months for your seasonal colon cleanse, and you do a deep cleanse spring and fall, and this is expensive? Because you are a senior citizen, and you have been with me for years, I only charge you $60 a colonic, and a cleanse is $40, so adding this up quickly, I see you spend $320 a year, and you say that this is expensive?”

I remember saying goodbye to them and reminding all three of them to eat well, and all three of them told me that since organics are so expensive, they would have to rethink their eating habits. I will only share with you Maggie’s story, for what has happened to her health happened to all of them.

In April 2008, Maggie came for her spring cleaning. Her grandson had just turned 3, and she was enjoying a wonderful spring with him and was looking forward to a wonderful summer. In 2008, Maggie was a young 82-year-old grandma and did everything with her grandson. Maggie would ride bikes with him at the bike path, go camping with him, walk their dog and take him to the pool. Again, she was a young 82-year-old grandma, her grandson was everything to her, and she was on absolutely no medication.

Maggie had a history of high cholesterol, and there was heart disease and diabetes in her family, but again, she was on absolutely no medications. We corrected her cholesterol with triglyceride support since this was the issue, and we corrected high triglycerides with diet. Throughout the years that Maggie came to me, I educated her on the importance of a good diet and what foods cause high triglyceride levels.

On that Tuesday, I walked into the office and looked at my book and saw that Maggie was coming in. That surprised me, for after going over my notes in her chart, I was reminded why I had not seen her since 2008. What I saw broke my heart. Maggie walked in with a walker and had aged 20 years. She could not even drive anymore; she had a driver drop her off. She was hunched over so badly that it hurt my back. Her hands were so crippled, my secretary had to fill out a new client form for her, and she was now on nine medications. What had happened to this vibrant woman in three years? I quickly scanned her medications, and she was on three blood pressure meds, two statin drugs, two osteoporosis drugs, one diabetes drug and one depression medication. Maggie was coming to me for a colonic, for she had not been able to move her bowels since they changed her meds and added some more.

I asked her how her grandson was, and she smiled and said he was doing well. She told me he was 6 years old now, but she does not see him very much anymore. I asked if he had moved away, and she said no; with her health, she is unable.

I have always believed in seasonal colonics. Every three months, you change your oil in your car; every three months, you should clean your system and get it ready for another season. Seventy percent of your lymphatic system is in your large intestine, so by cleaning your large intestine, you are cleaning your lymphatic/immune system. Along with colonics, I believe in cleanses. Cleanses as in a yeast cleanse, colon cleanse, liver cleanse, parasite cleanse, kidney cleanse or blood cleanse. These cleanses can be incorporated seasonally with a colonic or just a spring and fall cleanse. When you do colonics on a seasonal basis, you are taking charge of your health. When you incorporate cleanses, then you are raising your health to a higher level. The cleaner you are internally, the cleaner you will eat, and you will gravitate toward cleaner foods.

When you are carrying a lot of yeast and candida in your large intestine, you will crave those foods to allow the yeast and candida to grow. As we all know, we are what we eat, and as I say in my office, if you want to feel alive, then eat live foods. If you want to feel dead and processed, then eat dead, processed foods.

Dr. Julia is a Naturopathic Doctor who had breast cancer and did not do the chemical therapy and the radiation. Read her story at www.drjuliasinn.net.

From the Aug. 10-16, 2011, issue

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