Black male culture downgrades women

August 24, 2011

A Register Star letter writer Aug. 3 argued that the reason the punch line of a “daughter” joke could be “Mohammed from Iran” but couldn’t be “Tyrone from the West Side” is that “black men aren’t known to subjugate women simply because they are women.”

Aren’t known”? Well, political correctness may dictate that we don’t talk about it, but the problem is quite real, and serious. And it may be done for egotistical rather than religious reasons, but that just makes it worse, not better.

In fact, our black male subculture downgrades women worse than ever today, “talking trash” about them, and treating them likewise. It practically asks that a male prove his manhood early and often, by the curious method of pollinating flowers and then just walking away.

Hence, our pandemic of single mothers. Our manly-man eventually settles in as a live-in boyfriend. But the kids aren’t his, so he treats them like he probably treats their mother: badly.

If white males even attempted such callous disrespect and contempt, the very same PC police would make sure there’d be hell to pay. “Unconscionable!”

As it is, however, they have an endless supply of “socio-economic” excuses.

Norman Bleed

From the Aug. 24-30, 2011, issue

One Comment

  1. Christopher D. Sims

    August 27, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    Most of which is said here is relevant and true. I am a black male, and I can agree that we are lacking a lot of disrespect, care, and concern when it comes to black women. I won’t count myself in on the neglect because I learned to respect, love, and cherish black women through my wonderful mother and my two sisters.

    The comment at the end does not help. The “socio-economic excuses” statement has nothing to do with the way some black men talk to or treat black women. It is purely a lack of respect for themselves that pushes some of us to talk and act in such a manner.

    In the universal black diaspora, we don’t accept excuses. Most of us know that we know better and should do better.

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