Correction on 16th ‘Honor the Mounds’ article

In the article about the 16th Annual “Honor the Mounds” Gathering (Aug. 17-23, 2011), it was stated that Mac and Juanita MacVenn were founders of the Native American Awareness Committee. The Burpee Museum people, including retired member Lynda Johnson and Beverly De Marco, as well as some others, were involved in forming the committee as a nonprofit organization. The MacVenns joined years later and have continued to promote the Mounds event. Lynda Johnson has actively promoted Native American beadwork and had several workshops dealing with Native American crafts. The Burpee Museum has also hosted Native American Days with workshops, face painting, storytelling, etc.

Thanks to Beverly DeMarco for clarifying the origin of the group. The Rock River Times regrets the error.

From the Aug. 31-Sept. 6, 2011, issue

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